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10 Characteristics of Rasigar Manra Season’s Greetings

February 10, 2009 8 comments

I dunno if many of you have come across rasigar manra season’s greetings and all .Yes i am referring to the A4 sheets with black and white content stuck on walls and water tanks whenever a movie realeases on a festival day . In our area it is a usual sight . Ajith and Vijay fans are constanly battling it out for power or supremacy over the area . Their only weapons are these handouts which they print for each movie . Okay lets get into the details .

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I found this pasted on my house compound wall . I was just about to tear it off . But looking at it i realized that every handout is made in the same way, every year for every movie . So i unstuck it carefully and scanned it . Hope you guys don’t mind about the condition of the paper . 😛 . I have numbered the characteristics in the image so read it along with the image.

Top 10 Characteristics:

1.  Always A4 paper . Why ? Coz that is only cheap and available . No colours , only black and white as it will be easy to take xeroxes or who knows maybe one of the manra uruppinars has a xerox shop .

2. The whole poster wil be written in THE Movie Font . In this case they have tried a lot to write in Villu style font . I have a question here . I have known abt Vijay Rasigar Manrams and Ajith Rasigar Manrams . What the hell is Villu Narpani Manram ? And what Narpani they do ? Shew ..

3. A Noob diagramatic representation of the festival they are supposedly wishing . Here we can see a sugarcane that looks like a coconut tree which is the height of the pongal paanai .

4. Whats a manram without the posts ? So the whole area pasanga names will be printed in the order of ‘who-has-bought-beedi-for-the-group-most-number-of-days’ . The top guy being Thalaivar . Usually the other posts are decided the day the poster is written. And what exactly is the work of Manra-Kaapalar ? To safe guard the manram from dispersing till the next movie comes ? And i think uruppinar will be a list of school boys from 5th to 10th in the area (Top prority to Younger Brothers of Office Bearers)

5. Remodified Punch Line from the trailer of the movie . Modified to meet the manram needs . “Villu , engal kuzhu powerfullu” .

6. Self made punch line or something lifted from magazines like Aanantha Vikadan. “Villu , edhira nillu , unga kooda irukkuthu dhillu” ( I have no idea what it means or how to punctuate it ) .

7. This is a sure shot in any poster . Atleast one of the names will be a character played by the hero or the name of some movie by the hero . In this case Pokkiri Karthik ( I have no idea why kokki kumar came here ). In Rajini rasigar manra posters there’ll surely be some 10 names like rajini karthik, rajini mohan, baasha bai , arunachalam venkatesh etc..

8. Group Name . Dont they have to name themselves ? Its never a new innovative name . Atleast b4 they used to have area names like Adam Boys (for Adambakkam) or Royapuram Rockers ( from the cult classic Chennai 600028) . Now look at the name of our group . Triplex Boys . Wow . Guys you are gay . Yuck . Terror Boys , XXX Boys  seriously forget these names .

9. Group Logo . Its good to see the movie Vin Diesel’s XXX logo has made quite an impact worldover . 100s of autos have it . 1000s of bikes . Now time to make an entry into rasigar manram posters .

10. Stills from the movie. Usually stills released in papers will be used . Now guys take it from internet i guess . Look at the center pic of vijay . His expression is like hes trying to rape the cheetah in the center . Manra Design Heads , ive got a message for you . Find Good Stills .

X. I have no idea what happened in the X marked place.  It says Mahendran to Mahadevan . The guy must have namelogically changed his name .

Thats it . I have enlightened you with valuable rasigar narpani manra gyan . 😛


Villu Vijay and the Ragasiya Blue Ray Disc – Villu Review

January 12, 2009 24 comments
Villu Villu

You must have figured out by now , Yes this is a review for Villu . For starters i am (was) a vijay fan . I saw the movie First day Evening show in Vettrivel Theatre (a local theatre in our neighborhood) . I really thought seeing Vijay movies on the first day will be great eventhough the story is crappy . Prabhu Deva proved me wrong . Now lets jump into the review.

Before starting i would like to thank Mr.Tony Jaa of Tom Yum Goong fame and the Resident Evil Cast and Crew as Prabhu Deva forgot to mention them . Fight scenes total rip from Goong and one scene IMBA lift from RE . Thats common . Come on who doesnt rip . Billa’s climax was from The Recruit . So no problems with that.


Khusboo is worshiped by many people as a goddess . We all know she even has temples on her name . She comes in the intro song of the movie . Total slutty look . I mean the ‘Aaru padam Aishwarya’ look .  And she has tried to dance the fast steps of vijay in it . Looked very pathetic.


You all have to accept that vadivelu has a huge fan following that any other actor at present . Me and my friends are crazy fans of Vadivelu . I mean , Who cannot like  ‘Rollingla po’ and ‘ Enna Irumura ? Irumula da Urumuren’ from thalainagaram and all . Prabhu deva have totally wasted him in Villu . All his comedy scenes have no relation with the movie . Its a separate track.  Total Useless . He comes around the screen with the bullshit hair style and its not funny but totally annoying . And many of us have seen the Matrix Cow funny animation video . Totally copied here  . Vadivelu fights the cow 😦 .


Its high time kollywood directors start to realize that heroines are human beings and not just meat malls . Minimal Dress . Maximum exposure . All for nothing . She doesnt even have the role of the women in anniyan who puts a case on her house owner “Mudiyara varaikkum muyarchi pannuvom , illanna vesham kudichi sethudrom” Remember ? Damn , she just comes around wearing revealing clothes , dancing for songs . The last ‘dimtharikita’ song her looks are total total whory . OMG that song came out of the blue . No possible song-generating-scenes there. And dialogues ” Naan 15 vayasilaye aalana ponnu, Ippo 21 vayasaachu” . Thevaya. Aaarrrghhh .


Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert.

For god’s sakes continue reading . There cant be any more spolier for the movie . It is totally spoilt anyways . Keeping it short .

Goons kill Father- Villian Head Goon- Heroine daughter of Villain- Hero kills ’em all – Wins Heroine’s heart. End of Story.

But here comes the inside scoop . Vijay plays Double role . Father and Hero. The difference bet both of em being one comes in a diff mush. And guess what Father Vijay is miltary 😦 (Ya comes in Army uniform, Sorry ) and no body has any idea what the hero Vijay is . That makes him a Police hired- Incognito – FBI trained – Local hero looking – Nayan loving – Mercenary . Duh .


Many scenes have no relation with their prev ones . And guess what i forgot to thank James Bond . PD has copied that under water jet ski thing even . And Oh My God if it were a superhero movie please mention it in the subtitle . Like “There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there’s Hancock” . No mentions here but Vijay strolls aroung doing superhero stuff . Sorry PD , nobody’s gonna buy it . Even Kids . Blasting off 6 Innovas which are circling him with a single button RDX , and coming out without a scratch . Please no . Sharing screen space with MGR , Anbae Vaa movie scene . No No . Ridiculous . None of the scenes are even close to reality here .


Father Vijay was stamped with a “Traitor” stamp after his death and so … Dont lose me .. Listen Up … Ranjitha ( His wife and Hero Vijay’s Mom) is tatooed with a ” Desa Drogyin manaivi” tatoo in the forehead . (WTF!!) Our guy  seeks revenge and brings Prakash Ra(Villian) to the same ‘ol temple where Ranjitha had left Pugazh(Hero Vijay) some 20 years ago . And Kaboom , Ranjita is still sitting there in that temple . Wow . So Pugazh when about to kill PR asks him a vaakumoolam in front of the public ( Who obviously have no other damn work other than hearing this crap) stating that Major Saravanan(Father) isnt a traitor . He gives it and gets killed . I have to explain this scene though .

Vijay threatens PR by holding a huge metallic cylinder on top him with the help of a crane . He gives his statement under the cylinder amd as Vijay leaves the cylinder , it falls on the screen and it goes black . To my surprise the credits start rolling fading out from that black screen . Naan apdiye Shock aaiten . No proper ending . No  “Ammaa unga sabathatha naan neraivethitamma” crap . And Nayan goes missing after the flashback has been told .


It was a like a movie finished in hurry berry . No component is good . Nayan provides good eye candy . But shes doing it a lot lately right ? Theres nothing new . Its a story which would have run if taken in 1995 . Thanks PD for providing valuable material for Lollu Sabha guys .

P.S: I have no idea why the movie is named Villu. And The Blue ray disc which comes in the movie is the thing which has all the details of the villian . His network and all . Sounds like Billa ? Dairy-PenDrive-BlueRay. Jayam Ravi pls dont use a microSD card in your next movie . Please .