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Kolling Time

July 13, 2009 12 comments

Blog, fish tank maari . Food podaama iruntha meenellam sethu poidum . Idhukkagave appappo oru post pottu blog a uyiroda vechirukka vendiyirukku . It’s been ages since i blogged. Coz i didnt get any damn topic to talk about. Suddenly oru thought. Kaila vennaya vechittu neikku alairomennu . So indru naam alasappogum topic ‘Fighting Boredom’ . Or as i say Kolling the time .

Few students from our class have taken the MS route and are waiting to go to the US soon.  Some more guys have already joined jobs mostly in B’lore and Chennai . College la irukkara varaikkum oru message kooda anuppadha Dogellam ‘ Hi , this is So-n-So , I am leaving to B’Lore for work . This is my new number’ nu kaduppadikarthukkaagave oru message anupparaanunga. Adha vidunga. This leaves us with the fair amount of people who are waiting for work to start . The author actually falls/lies/vizhunthu-kedakkarar in this category . This post is aimed at that select population of people .

Namma Vadivel sonna maari Chumma irukkarathu ulagathulaye romba kashtamaana vishayam . But once you face it and live with it you can master it . So here are my 10 steps to Murder Boredom.

10. Set Top Box: If you don’t have any Direct-To-Home connections please get one . Beleive me you cant watch Kolangal and Arase daily . Appadiye Discovery channel oru ‘Future Weapons’ , AXN la oru ‘So you think you can dance’ ippadi paathomna arivum valarum , time pass aana maariyum irukkum .

9. Movie Download: If you are not a big time movie watcher better try to become one . Movies are a big timepass and ya they give you something to ‘Peter’ about . ‘Dei , i saw that Wrestler movie that day. Mickey Rourke Acting chance illa la’ – Meaning ‘ I downloaded and saw the movie Wrestler , What about you ‘ .

8. Blog: This is a bit too much , but you can actually blog about some random nonsense and pester your friends to read it . Shoo Shoo shut up guys i dont write nonsense . Hmmm if you are devoid of topics, take the evergreen route ‘College Life’ is there and then ‘The last movie i saw’ is there and ya the latest topic ‘R.I.P. MJ 😦 ‘ is there . So make yourselves comfortable and write something .

7.Useless Mail: You can actually join some no-good yahoo group which sends so called ‘funny-pics’ to your mailbox . Will serve as a morning warmer . Uh put a filter for the words ‘Cute , Cats , Dogs’ etc coz most of the time you’ll be looking at some chinese baby photos with some newborn kittens . Annoying at many times.

6.Kootu Sadhi: Try to meet up with ‘Like’ friends who are also vetti . Vetti+Vetti= Great Freaking Timepass . You can talk about absolutely anything from Obama to Vettaikaaran to Megan Fox. Killing time one topic at a time 😀

5.Times of India: Please subscribe to TOI or DC . Don’t buy hindu for god’s sakes . Does Hindu have crucial info like which-actor-is-going-out-with-whom and all that stuff . No . So get one of these two papers and you already would have killed half your time.

4.Games: If you are a fan of computer games then well and good you wouldn’t have come to my blog on the first place if not i have an idea . If you have successfully accomplished Step 6: Kootu Sadhi then life becomes easier. Get a pack of cards , one coke 2 liter bottle and some snacks . Sorgam . My personal advice is to get a carrom board . Imba entertainment .

3. Sleep: Thookatha vida oru sirandha timepass enna irukka mudiyum . Veetla AC iruntha pottittu nimmadhiya thoongunga . Sleeping will increase our working capability aan . Some idiots have told . So sleep well .

2 .Twitter: Twitter sema fun . If your friends are giving useless boring status updates which you dont understand most of the time , dont worry ; follow some famous people at twitter . Take me for example , i follow @KimKardashian , @aplusk(Ashton Kutcher) etc . Its great to see what these guys update . I mean ‘ I am feeling better today’ , ‘Off to airport’ and all that crap . So you can console yourself that more vettier people are there in the planet .

1. Facebook: People who dont have a FB account close this tab right now . FB is the big daddy of all things which eat time . You can

  • Use brilliant , AI mastered applications like ‘ What color are you’ , ‘When will you die’ , ‘ What element are you’ . Beats the living hell out of you .
  • Look at your friends  giving mind boggling updates such as ‘ I shouldn’t have done that . I regret it ‘ , ‘I will not be happy any more, but that doesn’t matter, there are many other things in this world’ and such random stupidity.
  • Take noob quizzes which even a 7 year old will ace and then publish it with a Happy Smiley as status .
  • Play great games like Mafia Wars and say ‘ I am looking for a Blue Ribbon , I am looking for 5 of Spades ‘ and whatever you like .

and so on .

So i just gave you a dash of what Step 8 looks like . Experience the others yourselves . Don’t thank me yet . Proud to be Vetti .


Josiyam Paakaliyo Josiyam….

July 21, 2008 60 comments

Puthu Post . Puthu Post . Puthu Post . Edhaavathu ezhudhanumnu aasaya irukku . Aana ennatha ezhudharthunnu therila . Seri thinam thinam college la nadakkara comedya ezhudhinaale podhume , sema jollya irukkume nnu innikku thaan thonuchi. So inru oru comedy enna nna Palmistry . Athaavathu Kai Regaya Vechu Kalaaikarthu. Seri ippo podhu arivukku povom . Athaan mukkiyamaana kattam.

So naanga oru naal TQM class la vettiya ukkandhuttu irunthappo thaan enakku intha salpi idea vanthuthu . Namma aalu Sivagami kku than Kai Regaya vechu josiyam llam paaka theriyume , avan kitta irunthu kathukittaa pirkaalathula sila-pala vishayangalukku ubayogappadume nnu . Serinnu naanum “Siva , intha kai rega paakara mattera sollithayen” nu en kaiya neetinen . Right kai . Ya if somebody is taking notes , note down ‘Right Hand for boys and left for Girls’ 😛 . Yaam petra inbam peruga ivvayyagam . So siva sonnatha ippo theliva explain panren .

Kai Regayai Kalaaipadhu eppadi ?

Kai Regayai Kalaaipadhu eppadi ?

1. Kalvi Regai . “Dei , nee ivlo thooram padichadhe perusu , un kalvi rega romba kuttiya irukku . Konja neelama iruntha Higher Studies panna Vaippirukku ” 2. Dhana Regai . “Oralavukku okay” 3. Love Regai (Sathiyama ipdillam rega irukkukannu enakku theriyathu . Antha naai bit kuda pottirukkalaam) “Hmmm . Romba Lighta irukke … Dei love rega vanthu un dhana regaya disturb pannuthu da“. So naan nenachukitten Kalyanathukku apparam neraya pana thattupaadu varumnu :p . 4. Aayul Regai . “70 vayasu than (Aamam ivuru periya Doctoru) ” “Inga en kaila paaru“nnu avan kaiya neetinaan . Aayul rega konam perusa thaan irunthuchu . Idhula enna irukkunnu vittutten . Idhuvaraikkum avan sonnathula oru alavukkaavathu nambikka irunthuthu . Kadaisiya onnu sonnan paarunga 5. Pulla-Kutti. If you see that image above , there are two lines visible near the number 5 . He said it represents the children i will have where a short line represents Female Child and a long line represents Male . Enda kai regaila ethana pasanganellam kuda va irukkum . Kadavule . Ithu varaikkunm silenta iruntha pasanga , intha pulla kutti mattera kettaodane “Dei Dei enakku ethana nnu paaru da . Enakku ethannu paaruda” . Ennaa aarvam.

Suresh , Surendar, Srini,  Vignesh, Senthil nnu ellar kayyayum paathu comment adichi onjaaachu . Yaaro oruthar kaila 3 love regai irunthuthu . Athukkulla “Dei enakku 3 pondattiya . 3 pondattiya ” nnu ore nacharippu . Enna oru aasai. Srini kaila ella regayum double double a irunthuthu vera . Annikku full TQM hour ippadi kai regailaye thaan pochu . Ivan sonna kai rega matterlaam unma thaanannu check panlaam nu solli google panni paathen . Onnume puriyala . So intha methodukku peru verum palmistry illa . TQM PALMISTRY nnu vechikkalaam . So ellarum mun kooriya methods a follow panni avunga avunga TQM palmistry a commentla adinga . Atha paaka theriyaatha jeevangal , kaiya scan panni kku anuppunga . Enna athu enga id kedayaathu . Hope you found the post ‘Interesting’ . Lol .