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180 – What’s in a Name ?

June 26, 2011 2 comments

I was certainly looking forward to watch ‘180’ (also known by the Tamilnadu govt non-taxable name ‘Nootrenbathu’) after seeing the trailer (Yes the one which has Priya Anand in a blue dress). The movie did live up to its expectations.

180 turned out to be a treat for the eyes right from the beginning. There was a striking difference in the visuals. Be it the outdoor shots or the close ups, everything had a pleasant feel attached to it. Songs were pitched in the right situations and in well spaced intervals. Siddarth has done absolute justice to his role and i cannot think of an alternative who could have replaced him. Nithya Menon’s expressions were cute at times and her innocent acting skills are worth a mention. The first half of the movie was thoroughly enjoyable and moved jet fast. Its true that you’ll get the feeling that there cannot possibly be a guy who keeps helping others as a prime time job, who has a cute girl running after him whom he keeps ignoring, who is wealthy smart and down-to-earth. And that its all the same filmy fantasy crap; wait till you see the end of the movie.

Priya! Priya is a goddess and walks around wearing gorgeous outfits throughout the movie. Seriously, the costume department of the movie must have worked extra time to make them perfect. There was however a little bit of overacting at times, but it can be forgiven for her looks. Switching back and forth between between Chennai and San Francisco, between past and present was done smooth. Editing – 10 points. Sharreth has done a good job with the music and “Nee Korinaal” was the icing on the cake.  The song’s concept, music and visuals will definitely leave a trail in your mind.  All was well until that thing happened. Apparantly the movie has a big twist in the tale and thats the whole point of the story. It got a little bit sloggy towards the end of the movie. That 15-20 mins before the climax was a real pain to watch. Here’s a graph that explains the progress of the movie .

But the climax makes up for all of it. While you walk out of the theater you’ll definitely feel different. In a good way. The movie doesn’t look like the debut movie of the director. It shows class, shows experience and shows the faith that he had on the cast. 180 has the potential to attract people of all age groups. But there were huge crowds of Teen Girls at the theater. Siddarth has his strongholds.  On a whole 180 is a great effort which should be applauded.

And ya before i forget, the name 180 is the ultimate essence of the movie. Remove your geek caps, its not just the area of triangle and so triangle love story thing. It has a deeper meaning which you’ll get to know when you see the movie. 🙂