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Come home to the BOSCARS!!

April 3, 2009 49 comments

Oscar and all got over long back aache , ippo enna pudhu post podranne yosikkatheenga . In theses four yrs of college life we came across many people many events worth remembering . So i thought of awarding our class guys with BOSCARS for their exemplary achievement in various fields . Oh and ya if you are wondering BOSCARS stands for Bloggukkagave Orunaal Saindharamellam Carpanapanna AwaRdS . Okay now without further ado , here are the Winners .

Best Producer

Raghuram for his exceptional aim in life – “My aim in life is producing good children”

Best Supporting Actor

Rajesh for the tireless support and acting he has been doing all these years – ‘GATE Form Door Formnu illa , nee ketta Chloroform kooda Confirma vaangitharen’

Best Acheivement in Sound Mixing

Vinod (Bun) for his extraordinary contribution to the Music World .‘ Bling Bling ‘ for the Movie – ‘Room 609’ .

Best Stunt

Nitin Natarajan and Rohith Balakrishnan for their fearless boat chase at the Echo Point .  ‘Rohith , they are reaching a dead zone – I’ve lost Visual ID of the target . Pedal Fast Dammit.

Best Celebrity Couple

Ajay and Aishwarya at the Munnar IV . ‘Dei , move away a bit – You are blocking my face from the fourth camera . Ya say cheezz’

Best acting in a Specific Scene

Srivatsan (Kuchi) at the Kerala Beach . ‘ Someone Call the ambulance I think i lost 2 litres of blood here’ .

Best Dialogue

Madhan Raj at the Goa IV . ‘Nari , Enna Kudikkavecha Paavi’

Best Mimicry

Nitin Natarajan for the brilliant effort in Bus doing the Munnar IV . ‘Hey polaamaaa, Vaayeen , apdillaaam sollaathaaee’

Best Security

To all the vigilante guys who ‘secured’ the girls in Veegaland . As told in o my previous posts Triangulated security, Man to Woman marking .

Best Interview Performance

Sivagaminthan for his job securing performance enlightening Symantec guys about Ragnarok.

Best Dance Move of the Year

Nitin Natarajan and Samaya Madhavan for their fantastic contribution to the Dance Industry in during the Great Camp Fire Dance of the Munnar IV . ‘Dappu Dippu Dum , Dappu Dappu Dippu Dim nu varunbothu left kaala thookara . Aduthu Chappu chippu chim, chappu chappu chippu chim nu vara edathula , at a timela rendu kaalaya air thookanum’

Best Costume Parade

To all the girls who graced abacus 09 with their presence in sarees . Seriously, the abacus team thanks all of you for the great help you provided in making abacus a grand success .

Best Stage Performance

Sudha Swaminathan and the Hans team for giving a great ending to a larger than life concert . (People , no intended pun on the performance. It was really good. Pun Only on the dramatic ending :P)

Best Choreography

Aishwarya for bringing in Middle Eastern Dance steps in Tamil Folk Songs during the Camp Fire .

Best Song

Kodaana Kodi from Saroja which made the IV possible .

Best Lyrics

Various Artists including VC, Thanu, Kuchi, Sanjay etc for writing Bun’s Kavithai . ‘Neeyum naanum gundu, un kannu rendum poochendu….’

Best Photography

Thanumalayan for taking that photo of mine which you can see in the top right corner of my blog home page . Which i’ve been putting in every site which needs a profile pic .

Best one word description

Vijay Chidambaram and his historic ‘Ooh La’ at his pre-birthday party ‘Room 609’ in IV.

Best Time Management

Sanjay and his out of the world time management skills with his 4 ‘girlfriends’ .

Lifetime Achievement Award

Vinodh Kumar and his outstanding achievement for ‘Bathing only four times in four years . Boy, I hate Diwalis.’

Best Supporting Actress

To all the girls who acted like they aren’t interested at all when asked to dance in the ‘Birthday Party’ in IV .

Best Makeup

To the IV organisers who actually made us believe that it is a Birthday Party that they are celebrating and not the Dance thing they had discussed the previous night over a couple of drinks. ‘Machi correct da all the idiots will think we are gonna celebrate VC , Jeffry’s Birthday Party . Well ask ’em on a dance . Super Idea . Bling’

Best Adapted Screenplay

‘Anger Management’ by Smrithi Ravi , which deals with the various ways of not getting angry . ‘Take a deep breath , Count 1-10 . Now do you feel less angry ? ‘ ‘NO’

Best Original Screenplay

There was a close fight between R.V and Srikant for their epic performance of story telling in the train and the seminar on Rowdyism . So they will share the honours here .

Best TV Series

South Park for converting Jegan into a total freak during the IV . Redundant Swearing , doing roundhouse kicks for money – South Park had its greatest influence on him .

Best April Fools Day Prank

Srinivas Varma and his ‘I am gonna sell my PS3 for 5000 Rupees’ . Fooled almost 50 % of the tech boys in our class .

Spirit of Engineering Award

Whoever got the idea of running around in ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’ during the Birthday Party in IV . Brilliant Stuff .

and the most important award of all

Best Actor

RAMASAMY LOKESH for his performance everyday . ‘[Keeping Tooth Brush Down] Ya da . I am in Kotturpuram Bridge will be there in 5 mins ‘ , ‘ Dei i met our sir today . Told us to come with more efficient approach for algo in fyp’ . ‘Dei naan kudikkatha brande kedayathu da . Quarter la irunthu Quarter Century season aana Wine varaikkum ellam adichirukken’

That’s all for now . Give me suggestions and new award categories . I’ll surely put it up and give credit to those who came up with it . And if anybody feel offended and want to reject their awards , Feel free to email me with a 500 word essay on where i went wrong . I’ll let my blind PA read it .  I am out of here .

P.S : Some awards may sound strange and non understandable for some people . Read my previous posts on IV(If you haven’t already) to get a clear picture . And shhh … please don’t spread the word , i hate publicity 😛 .

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Mallu Industrial Visit Part II

October 28, 2008 22 comments

Long time since part one came eh ? All credits to the Kurukshetra WebSite which was keeping me occupied all these days (and days to come :(( ) Okay . We left off at the Munnar Experience right . Time for Cochin ‘Industries’ now . And a small request . If you havent read Part I yet please read it first else all these things will be a bit vague (Konjam Scene a poduvom !) . Alright . Lets Jump in.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy (Makes jack a millionaire will also suit ) .Never mind. So seeing all those industries and taking down bloody notes and photographs of machines there made us a little dizzy . So we have to do something entertaining right ? That was the bus trip from Munnar to Cochin . It was characterized by people sleeping-sleeping-and sleeping. Dammit it was so boring until someone planned to play an anthakshari . This gentlemen, is one of the few things i enjoyed in IV . As usual we were split up into two teams and Vigirthan Fernando(:-)) was ‘requested’ to start it . Our team had some good players like Myself (Quiet Please ), Venkat, Rohit ( 😛 ) , Nitin ( 😛 ) and all . And their team had Aishwarya . Database this one . Anthakshari went on for a while . Then came Dumb-C . And guess what we had even English Movies for the sake of people who-pretend-to-not-know tamil (Enki Tamil Konjum Konjum Varum guys) . Dumb C was high octane action with swears-of-joy like F*** U going in the air . Enough of this . Too much Description for a bus trip .

Someday before IV , TQM class:-

Me: Dei namma cochinla enga thanga porom ?

Bun: Star Hotel da . 3 Star i think . Wait ill get the brochure from Nitin and show.

Me: Dei hotel peru “Hotel 3 Star” a ? Illa unmayave 3 star hotela ?

Bun: See this .

Me: Dei looks gr8 da . Has swimming pool and all . Rooms look good .

Bun: Summava Pinna .

Present Day: Bus Stops at a Guatanamo Bay Look alike place

Mini Vans picked us up from the spot the bus left us , as it is a pucca residential area and the hotel was built inside a ‘muttu chandhu’ . I have a serious doubt whether those drivers were driving autos back in anna salai . The kind of skill and elegance behind the wheel , i’ve seen only in NFS intro videos . Same drill at the hotel lobby . Rooms of four ppl each and as usual Madhan Raj was roaming around with a good-for-nothing list ‘trying’ to allocate rooms to ppl .

Group 1: Dei neenga 4 perum 5th floor la irukkara room 510 kku shift aikkareengala ?

Group 2 : Why da ? Whats the problem here ?

Group 1: Illa da naanga 8 peru onna irukkanumnu . Athan . So please .

Group 2: (Onnava ? ) Seri enna ezhavo . Polam .

Onnum Purila la ? Okay well go mathematically . Revealing 2 unknowns here will definitely help to find the third one . The room this conversation happenned was Room 609. And Group 2 consists of Me, VC, Sivaguru and SIvagami . Purinja Seri. Ulaga Thathuvatha idhoda simple a yavanaalayum solla mudiyathu . What happened in 609 after that ? Who were the mysterious 8 ? Why did they make us shift ? One answer . History .

Eesani moolaila oru coat stand . Granite meda vecha kitchen. Glass top Dining Table . Chandramuki Bunglow Sofa Set . Uppu-Melagu vekkarthukku shelf . Awardellam vekkarthukku TV Stand Showcase . Ithellam antha roomku thevaya ? Mavane bedla 2 per thaan padukka mudiyum . Ethu thevayo athu mattum andha hotella illa. Matha ella kupayum irunthuthu . “Pool Closed for Private Party” apdinra board naanga anga thangina moonu naalum andha swimming pool la potirunthuthu . Enakku therinju Entha Kombanum 3 days party lam vekka maatan . “Neenga kudutha kaasukku swimming poola kannala paathukkonga” apadinra board a than avan vekka try pannan nu naan nenaikkaren. Okay . Industry Time .

6. ‘Ilichavaays Welcome’ Boating Corp. a.k.a ‘Back’Water Boating .


'Ilichavaays Welcome' Boating Corp. a.k.a 'Back'Water Boating

Back Water na apdiye country Side la irukkum . “kadalinakkare ponore, kaana ponninu ponore, poy varumbol enthu kondu varum — kai niraye poy varumbol enthu kondu varum” style la irukkum nellam nambinen . Oru ezhavum illa .  75 Rupees per head . And we sat on plastic chairs on a piece-of-junk which sivagami correctly commented as “Dei antha pepsi PET bottle laam kudichittu thooki podromla , athelllam sethu vechi katti , boatunnu solli vittudraanunga da”  . Kittathatta antha conditionla thaan antha boat irunthuthu . Theres nothing much to mention abt the boat except Nitin . He was restless . Shoot-at-Sight maari yaarellam paakaraano avangalellam ottittu irunthaan . Then we tried playing anthakshari for some time (approx 4 hours) . Came back alive by god’s grace.

7. Malabar ‘Kuchi’ Factory:


Malabar 'Kuchi' Factory

Beach it was after the terrific boat ride . After seeing that beach , my respect level towards marina had gone way too high . Romba chinna beach . Too much crowd . Many fellows decided to stay dry (shame) . But naanga konjam peru thannila overa aattam potuttu irunthom .  And our topic-hero ‘kuchi’ a.k.a Srivatsan was one among us . Thideernu etho kaalla kutthi , ore ratham . So we carried him to the shore .. I have to say at this point that Tamizhargal and Keralites have a lot in common . Solren . Some 4 of us were standing around him as the crowd grew. 10s , 100s maybe . Ellarum vanthu kuchi yoda lesa keerna kaala paathuttu irunthaaanga, etho Antartica la irunthu kalla thoni eri penquin vanthu kara othunguna maari . Crowd Puller Kuchi . One more noteworthy thing abt that beach was Kites . Bun, Rohith, Nitin, Aish, Vandhana and all were so involved in flying a kite . And Rohith was doing the honorable job of Cutting Competitor Kite Threads by hand .  😛 .

8. Holiday Security Systems

Next day we were very happy as it was supposed to be Veega Land day . We went to Veega Land only to find that it was too crowded as it was a Holiday (Oct 2). So what ? Kootam irukka thaan seiyum . Poi thaan Paakalam nu nenaikkum bothu than vechaanga oru checku . “Intha maari kootam irukkum bothu nammala girsukku security thara mudiyathu” “Girls feel it is too unsafe” nu etho manirathnam padathula vara chitappa character maari serious ana pechugal . So pack up . Flaw in the Plan .

9. Disco Boat Manufacturers:

Emaatrathudan thirumbina engala “Disco Boat” vaa vaa endru azhaithathu . We went from veegland to a supposedly disco boat which had no disco lights on the first place . Whenever a patrol boat comes the sounds will be off . Pathetic boat . I mean , have you seen a boat with rear view mirrors ? Book a day with this ‘industry’ . Highlight of the boat was Nari’s dance . Intha ‘kuttichatthan‘ padathullem oru chinna white bommaya vechi mandaram pannuvaanga theriyumla  ? Athaan antha bomma kaiya aatna namma hero kai aadum , bomma nenjula hair pin a vechi kuthuna hero ratham kakki saavaare , athe bomma than . Antha maari nari a aada vechu ellarum sirichuttu irunthaanga . But beleive me , Nari came out with some groovy dance moves 😛 .

After the boat ride , we were left uncaged to do shopping . Nendaranga chips , Chakka Chips ippadi variety variety a pasanga porutkala vaangittu irunthanga 😛 . Ezhavu enga veetu sandhula irukkara ‘New Chennai Chips’ la thinam thinam 6 manikku sooda itha podrane , ithavera vaangi vechuttu alayanumannu athellam naan vaangave illa . Jegan . I havent talked abt him till now right ? Okay Jegan went berserk in the IV taking random snaps of everything . And take a look at the following two .

Jegan and the Monkeys 1
Jegan and the Monkeys 2

His masterpeice. Try to give a best caption to both the images in the comments section . SMS voting vechu best caption a choose panni oru ‘thenmittai’ parisu vazhangappadum 😛 .

10. Joseph Ditto Dance co.


Joseph Ditto Dance co.

It was Vijay’s birthday the next day . So there wa s a ‘birthday party’ planned on that night . Actually they were celebrating 3 birthdays . VC , Jeffy, Nitin . And i have to say the last one on the list was the most to enjoy . Intha Arjun padathulallam suitcase mela shaving cream , towellam vechittu , adila vairam kadathi customsa emathuvaanga paarunga , antha maari ‘Birthday Party’ nnu oru pera vechittu ulla ennanna gilugiluppugal . Sarakku mattum thaan missing . Athu mattum irunthirunthunna magane ‘Park Hotel’ la new year kku ‘dance’ aadi maatna jodigal maari anga pala jodigal maatti irukkum . Intha Vekka padra maari nadikkarthu irukke , unmayave athu romba kashtamana vishayam . Namma class ponnunga ennama antha ‘art’ a develop panni vechirukkanga . Venda viruppa dance aadra maari nadippu . Sila Makkal Vijay Birthday annikku vandhadhukku Vijay Ammavukku manasaala thanks solli irunthiruppanganrathula entha sandhegamum illa . Hmmm sila per ‘dilamo dailamo’ nnu suthittu irundhappo , pala peru ‘raasathi unna kaanadha nenju , kaathadi pol aaduthu’ nnu oru orathula ukkandhuttu irunthanga . Naan thaan modhal seattu .

11. Veegaland Amusement and Araajagam Corporation :


Veegaland Amusement and Araajagam Corporation

Next Day Veegaland . After sorting out all the security issues , we finally set foot into Veegaland . Heard of ‘Man to Man marking’ right ? ‘Man to Women’ marking was a new feature unvieled at Veega . I heard it . Couldn’t see what that was anyway . Purinjavungalukku Seri . Wave Pool was one thing i loved in Veega . Andha wave varumbothu vara BG music irukke . Adadada . Toppu . Me, Thanu, VC, Venkat llam wave varumbothu poi antha far end rope a thottuttu vandhom 😛 . Sema jolly a irunthuthu . And after wavepool we were wandering around the whole park going to some random rides .  Funny part abt Veega was we never met any of our coll guy/gal in any ride . Apdi enga thaan poi tholanjaangalonnu nenachikittu iruntha nerathula thaan pala pala unmaigal therinjithu . Pala blog gal la pala unmaigal velippadum polirukke .  ‘Aandavare thaan seivathu ariyamal seidhu konduirukkum moodargalai mannithu arulumappa ‘ .

Ellathayum mudichikittu , moota kattikittu oorukku pora trainla erinom nightu . Rajesh was trying to make some space for us to sit and speak , as all lower berths were given to other outside ppl . While talking with one such fellow .

Raj: Sir , neenga seat no. 27 kku shift aaikka mudiyuma ? Naanga inga ukkanthuttu pesittu iruntha ungalukku disturbance a irukkum , athaan .

Fellow: (Grunts)

Raj: Sir , u know English ? We want to … Want to… (Intha naay avar kitta poi english theriyumannu kekkuthu )

Fellow : Naan venumna upper berth la paduthukkaren pa . Enakku entha problemmum illa .

Raj : ok sir

Eppadillam Asinga pattalum , manam thalaraama oru seat fulla vaangi kuduthan rajesh . Paravalla .

Inthaanga , naanga kerala poi thirumbi pala anubavangaloda vandha kadha . Ellarukkum pidichirukkumnu nambaren . And if i had hurt somebody in the post , please convince yourself that it is for the ‘Greater Good ‘ , coz i didnt do it accidentally i did it on purpose . I am planning on a mini post on certain left out things of the two parts . Hope it comes out soon .

P.S: No Animals were harmed during the production of this post .

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Mallu Industrial Visit Part I

October 10, 2008 22 comments

Industrial Visit . This is the name which is used by Engineering college students across the city to represent ‘College Tour’ . But we CEGians are different . I mean we have to be different . Different in the sense we go on a tour ONLY to visit industries, unlike others who just go taste sarakku . Okay all these are in accordance with the Industrial Visit(will be referred as ‘IV’ henceforth) which we CSE guys went last week . And what other place to go other than Kerala ? God’s Own Country . Ennavo kadvul anga vanthu karayorama ara ground nelam vaangi vecha maari solraanunga . Anyways IV was scheduled to ‘happen’ at Munnar and Cochin . Both of them are highly ‘industrious’ cities . We visited more industries than we can remember . I’ll to bring out the maximum . This IV was not a normal one . Had many discrepancies .

Neraya per naan varla – nee varlannu kazhandikkanunga . Hmmm . Avangalukku therila indha industry ellam paathu vara knowledge vera engayum kedaikkathunnu . Poor fellas . Anyways . Namma matterukku varuvom . The Start of IV itself was great . I mean we were supposed to get off the trainby 2 am in Ernakulam. Then we went to Munnar by Bus which was booked previously . Enough stories , well get into serious Industry Business.

First Day was fully Munnar Sight Seeing . We covered two industries .

1. 4 goats & Lots of Grass Inc.

4 goats & Los of Grass Inc.

4 goats & Lots of Grass Inc.

This was a flourishing industry in that area. Sema Crowd. It was ‘built’ on top of a hill. We had to pay an entry fee of Rs. 25 to see 4 goats and walk uphill for about a mile . Ya i almost forgot about the special extra charge which Thanu paid for his camera . Very informative . This Industry answered many of the questions which were puzzling us right from childhood viz. What goats eat for breakfast ? How do goats look like ? and such High IQ things . To cap it off we drank a Pineapple Juice there which was prepared using just the crushing action of Human Hands . No juicers , No filters . The worst which can ever be made .

2. Just-Another-Stupid-Dam(n) Industry.

Just-Another-Dam(n) Industry

Just-Another-Dam(n) Industry

The Bus stopped somewhere and i really thought it was a breakdown. I was wrong . There lied an industry which was feared to be the greatest in Munnar . It was a Dam . Water-Stupid Photos-Trying to see girls inside approaching cars-Walk our leg off to a ‘Viewpoint’-Elachi Tea 8 Rupeees-Back to Bus . It was very interesting as you can see . We had the times of our lives.

3. Garden-of-Laden CampFire Goods.


Garden-of-Laden CampFire Goods

People say Ooty Botanical garden is the best in India . Atleast South India . They are soo wrong . This modern Munnar garden-like place was featured on the “1000 places you should aviod seeing in your lifetime” survey . Ya, there were 12 varieties of grass and supposed-to-be fountain . And wild flowers which grow on their own alongside NH 47 . Place to be noted down by botanists .

Next Bill , Camp Fire. 25 Rupees each. I mean it was worthy . 25 x 66 = 1650 Rupees . Come on guys One litre Kerosene+5 and half wooden sticks+Cheetah Match Box+ Bose BL2067 Speaker Systems what do you guys expect huh ? 25 was very cheap actually . Could have easily costed the park more than 5000 rupees . People were dancing around the fire . Some on their own . Some induced by Romanovs . And i fell into the category of some who were trying to dance. Actually enjoyed it (Real this time. No sarcasm) . Besides dancing, seeing pros dance was a real sight . I mean Gokul was at his best . Nitin-Samaya moves were beyond Godlike .  Bottomline Fun .

Day 2 Started with an Aappam in Hotel Mezban for me, Sivagami and Jegan.

4. Thirunelveli Speed Boats & Co.

Thirunelveli Speed Boats & Co.

Thirunelveli Speed Boats & Co.

If Campfire was the fun moment of day one , it has to be Speed Boat for day two . Coz Speed Boating was the only thing we did on day two . 300 bucks for 5 . Reasonable . Worthy . We got a driver who is supposed to be the Speed-Junkie there . Thirunelveli aalu . Boat a enna valai valachaaru . Really enjoyed it . Oru kaila boat a ottittu innoru kalia camera vaangi photo vera eduthaaru . When asked to overtake the girls boat which went in front of us he said , “Ada viduppa, potta pullainga “ . Chance illa .

5. ‘Kaalamellam Nari Vazhga’ Sound Services.


'Kaalamellam Nari Vazhga' Sound Services

Next Stop. Echo Point. We tried shouting out names and made all sorts of funny noises . And i have to admit some sounds really echoed 😛 . Anyways echo point wasnt really all about echoing . They had pedal boats. I repeat , pedal boats . Pedal Boats which looked rusted due to very less usage . No body seemed to go out boating . Then one pair bravely took the challenge . It was Shanketh and Logesh . Then many ppl seemed to start taking out boats like Samaya-Revathi etc. But the one boat that made all difference was Nari-[ ]-[ ] . It started ripples not only in water but also inside many guys who were simply sitting and eating roasted cashewnuts till then. Nitin-Rohith went after them on a hot pursuit. Seriously if Men’s Pedal Boating were an olympic event like Double Sculls Nitin-Rohit would have already wore their Gold medals to college. Nari raised a fair income to the troubled boat owners association that day.

We were supposed to stay in Munnar that night and leave for cochin the next day . But the place where we stayed (Munnar Tourist Home) tried to move us out by force. So we set off to cochin after lunch that day.

And dont you see the post is fairly big now itself . So ill write the cochin experience on the next post.

——————————– End of Part 1 ————————————-

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Vaazha veikkum CEG kku jay !!

July 27, 2008 25 comments

Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi … Time for a new Post. This time it is a small piece of information which my friend shared with me yesterday . Friend as in School Friend named Guru . We studied in the same old school of 13 years together . And we’re good friends . Anyways he is doing final year in a private college in chennai . He has a different philosophy towards girls and just now i found out that his college has a great influence on it . Hmmm ippo namma avan college la nadakkara comedy a pathi paakalaam .

Guru: “Ethukku da ponunga friendship llam . Thevaye illa da . Wastttu” .

Pradep : “Dei enda ponnunga pasangannu paakara . Friends can be anyone . Why this hatred ?”

Guru: “Pinna , ponnunga kuda pesi enna suspend aaga solriya ?

Pradep: “Suspend a??

Cut Cut Cut .. Ippo namma oru flash back paapom . Avan sonna katha thaan .

Guru’s College Part I .

Avanga college a porutha varaikkum payyan-ponnu pesarthu maha periya kutram. Ippadi thaan oru thadava oru payyanum ponnum corridorla ninnuttu pesitu irunthaangalam . Payyan kaimaatha etho kaasu vaangi iruppan pola , atha thiruppi kuduthirukkan . Antha ponnu avasarama vaangittu ponathunaala note light a kizhinjiduchaam . Ithellam oru FLOOR SUPERVISOR paathuttu irunthaaram . Avarukku porukkala .. “Enna oru desa drogam, oru payyanum ponnum pesitttanga . Nooooooo” nnu solli antha payyanoda veettukku letter anuppi avunga parents a vara solli irukkanga . Parents kitta sonna compliant “Sir, Unga payyan antha ponnu kitta irunthu kaasu vaangi atha kizhichi pottirukkan . evlo periya thappu .. SUSPEND” .

Guru: “Thevaya ithu ? ” “Intha maari aalunga irukkara edathula entha vidhamaana riskkum edukka koodathu da

Pradep : “Dei intha oru incident thaane da . Avan neram serilla athaan maatikittan

Guru: “Ivan neram seriyyala , appo intha payyana ennannu solluva ?

Part II:

College bus thaan oru alavukku jolly a irukkara edam polirukku . Oru naal busla kadaisi row la ukkanthiruntha pasangallam sernthu bet vechu oru ponnukku ‘hi’ sollanumnu plan pottirukkanga (Small Boys !!) . Athe maari solliyum irukkanga . Itha oru staff paathutaanga !!. “Oh, my Godddd . Atheppadi intha pasanga oru ponnukku HI sollalam . Discipline illa  ? Manners illa ? ” nnu solli poi princi kitta pottu kuduthuttanag polirukku . Udane Management antha staff kitta “Yaar antha pasanga ? Adayalam kaatunga ” nnu solla avanga sonna adayaalam enna theriyuma ? “Busla last rowla ukkarra pasanaga ” . “Very Good , avangala naanga paathukkarom” . Onne onnu kekkaren , dhinamum athe pasanga thaan athe edathula ukkaruvaangala ?? Enna achu na adutha naal oru appaavi paya kadaisi rowla ukkanthu irukkan . Ivanga SQUAD vanthu avanayum serthu ‘ARREST’ panni irukku . Payyan evlo solliyum kekkala . “Ellarayum 5 naal suspend panren” . Anthe .

Pradep: “Ha Ha . Dei ithu muttaal thanam da . Kevalama irukku

Guru:  “Ennatha panrathu

Pradep : “Ivlo thaan comedy a ? Illa vera ethaavathu irukka ?”

Guru : “Hmmm innonnu solren

Part III:

Avanga college la lunch break la llam yaarum veliya ninnu pesa koodaathaam . Vera dept la irukkara friend a paaka mudiyaatham . Vera class la oruthana pudichaanganna , “Ellaya meerina kutrathukkaga ” suspend panniduvaangalam !! . Kadavule . Oru naal Guruvum avan friend Ramachandranum ninnu pesittu irunthaangalaam . Guru college oda design epdi na , center la oru periya ground irukkum , suthi classrooms irukkum , 3 maadi nnu nenaikkaren . So ivanga first floor corridor la ninnuttu pesittu irunthirukkanga , athukkulla oru FLOOR SUPERVISOR vanthu , “Enpa , keezha potta pasangallam poittu varra eduthula ninnuttu  irukkeengale . Vekkama illa ?” . Enna da koduma ithu . Ithu Co ed college . Pombala pasanga vanthu pora edama ? Ada kadavule . Ithellam romba over …

Pradep : “Dei Jail da athu

Guru : “Hmmm . Ippo sollu , naan sonnathellam correct thane ?

Pradep : “Correct Correct. Hmmm oru doubt . Ivlo strict a irukkarthunaala unga college la kaadhal jodingellam kammiya irukkume ?

Guru: “Atha yen kekkara . Ithanaala thaan adhigama aaiduchi . Ketta ivlo restrictionlayum maatikkama love panrathula thaan kicke irukkun raanunga

Pradep : “Ivanungala thiruthave mudiyaathu da” (😛)

Ithellam vechu compare panni paatha namma college !!! . SORGA BOOMI . Sorgame enralum anthu CEG kku eedaguma ?

Note : Mer kooriya ella nigazhvugallayum ponnunga suthama affect aagave illa . Pasanga thaan suspend aagi saagaranunga . Enna Koduma sir ithu .

P.S : No offence was meant at the college 😛 . It is one of the best colleges in Chennai . Blog ezhutha oru parabarappana topic kedachuthu avlo thaan . So college officials yaaravathu itha paaka poi , naan kaalaila pal theikkum bothu oru thani padai anuppi enna thookidatheenga . (Aan seri Guru vayum thookidatheenga :-P) . Padichoma Sirichoma Comment adichomannu irukkanum . Okay ??

Ippo ellarum sernthu sollunga “Vaazha Veikkum CEG kku Jay”


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Mudhal Vanakkam

October 21, 2007 22 comments

Katrathum Petrathum …. Naanum evlo naala oru uruppadiyaana blog maintain pannanumnu paakaren … Mmm Hmmm.. Mudiyala … Ethavathu onnu aarambichu , arakoraya appadiye ninnuduthu … Seri “Intha pazham pulikkum” nu eppavo mudivu panni vittuten .. Aana ippo ennavo vazhkaila swarasyama neraya vishayam nadakkara maathiri thonuthu … Seri . ” Yam petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam” nra tha kadai pidikkalam nu thaan itha blog a aarambikkarennu nenachidatheenga …. Ellar maathiri naanum vetti time passukku thaan aarambikkaren …

Muthalla 10 avathu padikkum bothu “email” nu aarambichaanga … Athu pinnadiye mail mail mail nu alanjittu ponom(seri ponen ) … Pakathu theruvila irukkara friendukku mail adichi veetukku vaada nnu kuptom(ellathukkum bracket pottu adikka mudiyathu ) …

Apparam 12 avathula “chat” naanunga … Messenger Messenger nu athayum thorathiyachu …

College Ist year la “Yahoo Groups” nnanga .. Seri vaa , anga ennathaan irukkunnu paapomnu ponom …

II nd year la thaan … Ezhavu … Orkut …. angayum poi join panninom …. Athillama phone vera … SMS SMS … Ada Ada… Neretha veen adikkarthukku ethana vazhi irukku da saami …

Ippo Blog(Naan ippo thaan aarambikkaren , aana palar itha eppavo aarambichu ippo atha suthi oru kottaye katti vechirukkanunga … hmm… ).

Ithu eppo bore adikkuthu appo vera ethavathu kedacha angayum poi mooka nozhaikka vendiyathu thaan … Manitha manam oru kurangu nnu summava sonnanga …

Seri Seri padam vittachu ellarum ezhunthiringa … Naan ethavathu post panna paarunaga… Kevalama iruntha “Great da, Athu da , Ithu da” nnu poi sollunga … Unmayave nalla iruntha ethavathu yosichu sollunga .. Type adichi kaivalikkuthu .. Avlo thaan..