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Michael Phelps. 8 medals. One Historic Photograph.

August 21, 2008 14 comments

I really thought i shouldn’t put something which is already there on the internet after adding that dark knight spoof .. But i came across this photo in the net  today and couldn’t keep my hands off the keyboard .. This is something which was ‘almost impossible’ and i think it is still ‘almost impossible’ for any body else in the planet .. (Bharath Maatha Ki Jai… :-)) . Ithelllam paathaavathu namma oorla yaaravathu onnu rendu per oru veriyoda kelambuvannu paakkaren . Mmmm Hmmm . Velaikke aagathu . Seri irukkartha vittuttu parakkarthukku aasapada koodathu . Kedacha 3 medal a vechu settle aagippom .:-D

Spitz and Phelps

Spitz and Phelps

Mark Spitz on left with his 7 medals from 1972 Munich Games and Thala Michael Phelps with 8 medals from Beijing 2008 . That is one photograph which normal people can never even think of . Way to go phelps .. Paaappom 2012 London la namma oorla irunthu oru Maayandi  , Muniyaandi  yaaravathu gold adikkaranungalannu 🙂

P.S : I found one more ‘interesting’ blog and ithukkaga thaniya oru post poda mudiyaathu … And this is a relevant context . So check out this blog .. Phelps USA thala na , ivar than namma ooru thala .. 🙂