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Attention Graduation Day Absentees

March 28, 2010 32 comments

This post is for all the people who had missed the Anna University Graduation day held on 26th March 2010.  Most of them who missed citing overseas journey reasons and a few of them who could have made it but chose not to.  (So people who did attend , please dont close the window. Cross check if i left something). Here’s a list of things you have really missed out of the Graduation Day. All list items are in no particular order.

1. The Yellow Graduation Gown – You have missed a lifetime opportunity of taking pictures sporting a Briiiight Yellow Grad Gown. The adventure of wearing it and running around the campus is nothing when compared to the big fight which happened while getting and returning it. (Cost: INR 150 of which 100 is a Safety Deposit)

2. The Report of the Academic Year – The report was read by some unknown gentleman in the stage. Apparently nothing was told about the graduates or the no_of_graduates graduating this year. Was more like a Annual Budget of Unnecessary machinery bought, which is sure to get extinct in the next 5 years. The only figures on campus were the ones in this speech. Lakhs and Crores of them.

3. Love tips by Mr.A.Raja – The chief guest of the evening was Mr.A.Raja Hon. Cabinet Minister for Communications and IT. The speech given was filled with quotations and citations of great leaders. Annadurai, G.B.Shaw, Ambedkar, Tholkappian, Newton all under one roof. Also had some of his own compilation on figure-chasing and kavithai-writing. The most important part was his seamless translation between English and Tamil. Major Sundarajan would have been proud if he had heard him speak.

4.  VC’s English – ‘Aai rekquezzt all aap of you to stand ub faar inbokasion. ‘ said our VC when the program started. Throughout the program, there were many such astonishing sentences which he spoke to the gathering . He is indeed, fit for the job.

5. Oath of Supremacy – Before the program got over, we were asked to stand up and take a Oath . The oath mainly consisted of something that should be kadaipidichifyed in order to uphold the pride of the institution. About something to be done to the society. Blah Blah. To sum it all up it was an oath which meant ” I will not tell anything about CEG and the things which happen in the inside to a prospective student. I will say all nice and cool things about the college to the people at work and maintain the gethu of the institution”

But jokes apart you have really missed the sheer joy of being with friends together, of falling in love with the Campus the 1000th time over, of passing comments about the speaker when a speech is going on, of taking pictures at spots you wouldn’t have looked twice during your first three years, of sitting in places in the campus where you had sat a million times before,  of the fact that eventhough you had seen the big sign at the entrance saying “Graduation Day” for four full years you had never felt proud about it till you saw it on that day, of contempt seeing that there are no new figures for the juniors to sight on, of standing up when the name of the department topper’s name is read out on stage, of samalichifying by saying “Inga okkanthu koothadikkara sogam , stage poi vaangina varuma” , of the “Machaan” you hear from someone whom you last spoke to some 10 to 11 months before, of pissing in the red building toilet and finding out that NOTHING has changed in the last year and your olfactory system is as clean as a whistle and finally the joy of holding a laminated A4 sheet which is the result of the 18 year long (No, PRE KG isnt a struggle) educational battle which you had fought.

P.S. I had missed out a list of takeaways which were given in the venue.

  • Ribbon Murukku – 1 Packet. approx. 150 grams (Grand Sweets)
  • Milk Sweet which looked a lot like Laddu – 3 Nos (Grand Sweets)
  • Degree Certificate – 1 No. With your smart card photo on it which everyone WILL make fun of for sure.

Come home to the BOSCARS!!

April 3, 2009 49 comments

Oscar and all got over long back aache , ippo enna pudhu post podranne yosikkatheenga . In theses four yrs of college life we came across many people many events worth remembering . So i thought of awarding our class guys with BOSCARS for their exemplary achievement in various fields . Oh and ya if you are wondering BOSCARS stands for Bloggukkagave Orunaal Saindharamellam Carpanapanna AwaRdS . Okay now without further ado , here are the Winners .

Best Producer

Raghuram for his exceptional aim in life – “My aim in life is producing good children”

Best Supporting Actor

Rajesh for the tireless support and acting he has been doing all these years – ‘GATE Form Door Formnu illa , nee ketta Chloroform kooda Confirma vaangitharen’

Best Acheivement in Sound Mixing

Vinod (Bun) for his extraordinary contribution to the Music World .‘ Bling Bling ‘ for the Movie – ‘Room 609’ .

Best Stunt

Nitin Natarajan and Rohith Balakrishnan for their fearless boat chase at the Echo Point .  ‘Rohith , they are reaching a dead zone – I’ve lost Visual ID of the target . Pedal Fast Dammit.

Best Celebrity Couple

Ajay and Aishwarya at the Munnar IV . ‘Dei , move away a bit – You are blocking my face from the fourth camera . Ya say cheezz’

Best acting in a Specific Scene

Srivatsan (Kuchi) at the Kerala Beach . ‘ Someone Call the ambulance I think i lost 2 litres of blood here’ .

Best Dialogue

Madhan Raj at the Goa IV . ‘Nari , Enna Kudikkavecha Paavi’

Best Mimicry

Nitin Natarajan for the brilliant effort in Bus doing the Munnar IV . ‘Hey polaamaaa, Vaayeen , apdillaaam sollaathaaee’

Best Security

To all the vigilante guys who ‘secured’ the girls in Veegaland . As told in o my previous posts Triangulated security, Man to Woman marking .

Best Interview Performance

Sivagaminthan for his job securing performance enlightening Symantec guys about Ragnarok.

Best Dance Move of the Year

Nitin Natarajan and Samaya Madhavan for their fantastic contribution to the Dance Industry in during the Great Camp Fire Dance of the Munnar IV . ‘Dappu Dippu Dum , Dappu Dappu Dippu Dim nu varunbothu left kaala thookara . Aduthu Chappu chippu chim, chappu chappu chippu chim nu vara edathula , at a timela rendu kaalaya air thookanum’

Best Costume Parade

To all the girls who graced abacus 09 with their presence in sarees . Seriously, the abacus team thanks all of you for the great help you provided in making abacus a grand success .

Best Stage Performance

Sudha Swaminathan and the Hans team for giving a great ending to a larger than life concert . (People , no intended pun on the performance. It was really good. Pun Only on the dramatic ending :P)

Best Choreography

Aishwarya for bringing in Middle Eastern Dance steps in Tamil Folk Songs during the Camp Fire .

Best Song

Kodaana Kodi from Saroja which made the IV possible .

Best Lyrics

Various Artists including VC, Thanu, Kuchi, Sanjay etc for writing Bun’s Kavithai . ‘Neeyum naanum gundu, un kannu rendum poochendu….’

Best Photography

Thanumalayan for taking that photo of mine which you can see in the top right corner of my blog home page . Which i’ve been putting in every site which needs a profile pic .

Best one word description

Vijay Chidambaram and his historic ‘Ooh La’ at his pre-birthday party ‘Room 609’ in IV.

Best Time Management

Sanjay and his out of the world time management skills with his 4 ‘girlfriends’ .

Lifetime Achievement Award

Vinodh Kumar and his outstanding achievement for ‘Bathing only four times in four years . Boy, I hate Diwalis.’

Best Supporting Actress

To all the girls who acted like they aren’t interested at all when asked to dance in the ‘Birthday Party’ in IV .

Best Makeup

To the IV organisers who actually made us believe that it is a Birthday Party that they are celebrating and not the Dance thing they had discussed the previous night over a couple of drinks. ‘Machi correct da all the idiots will think we are gonna celebrate VC , Jeffry’s Birthday Party . Well ask ’em on a dance . Super Idea . Bling’

Best Adapted Screenplay

‘Anger Management’ by Smrithi Ravi , which deals with the various ways of not getting angry . ‘Take a deep breath , Count 1-10 . Now do you feel less angry ? ‘ ‘NO’

Best Original Screenplay

There was a close fight between R.V and Srikant for their epic performance of story telling in the train and the seminar on Rowdyism . So they will share the honours here .

Best TV Series

South Park for converting Jegan into a total freak during the IV . Redundant Swearing , doing roundhouse kicks for money – South Park had its greatest influence on him .

Best April Fools Day Prank

Srinivas Varma and his ‘I am gonna sell my PS3 for 5000 Rupees’ . Fooled almost 50 % of the tech boys in our class .

Spirit of Engineering Award

Whoever got the idea of running around in ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’ during the Birthday Party in IV . Brilliant Stuff .

and the most important award of all

Best Actor

RAMASAMY LOKESH for his performance everyday . ‘[Keeping Tooth Brush Down] Ya da . I am in Kotturpuram Bridge will be there in 5 mins ‘ , ‘ Dei i met our sir today . Told us to come with more efficient approach for algo in fyp’ . ‘Dei naan kudikkatha brande kedayathu da . Quarter la irunthu Quarter Century season aana Wine varaikkum ellam adichirukken’

That’s all for now . Give me suggestions and new award categories . I’ll surely put it up and give credit to those who came up with it . And if anybody feel offended and want to reject their awards , Feel free to email me with a 500 word essay on where i went wrong . I’ll let my blind PA read it .  I am out of here .

P.S : Some awards may sound strange and non understandable for some people . Read my previous posts on IV(If you haven’t already) to get a clear picture . And shhh … please don’t spread the word , i hate publicity 😛 .

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[~Sad BGM playing~] My last Techofes

March 3, 2009 21 comments


This blog post is written like it is written for Guindy Times (Yuck!) . Please help Pradep improve this article and get back his usual writing style.



I know it is late . But just now got the time to post about Techofes 2009 . Techofes is the annual intercollege culturals of CEG, Anna University . As a final year Grad of Anna Univ , this is my last Techofes . I always thought it would be more fun seeing Techofes as a final year guy . I was wrong . Sema Mokka . I was there for all four day night events . Hmmm not upto the mark this time . Personally feel so . Well most important reason i am bringing out this post is that i took some 493 photos with my new camera at techofes and i wanna put some of those to a better use . So now , presenting some of the techofes moments . 

Dr. Vijay Inauguration :

Ilayathalapathi Vijay

Ilayathalapathi Vijay


I am (was) a Vijay Fan as y’all can see from my previous posts . So was eagerly looking forward for this one . Everyone have to accept that the crowd was overwhelming and Vijay is definitely a Mass Entertainer . The event went on smooth till the part where he was requested to sing a song on stage . It was Oscar Night so his choice was “Ellapugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke” from ATM . Would have been nice if he sang it in normal pace . He sung in a …. 0.25x speed and was really annoying . Other than that Vijay was great . 

And this section won’t be complete unless i tell this . There was a Ajith Rasigar group sitting next to us giving imba comments . 

Vijay: Unga ellarayum paakarappo enakkum anga(pointing towards crowd) vandhu ukkaranum pola irukku . 

Group: Adhukkelllam Naalu Ezhuttu Padichirukkkanumpa. 

Audience: We want Dance! We want Dance !

Group: Tamizh la sollungappa . Namma aalukku purila paarunga . 

Hariharan Concert:

Hariharan and Riya

Hariharan and Riya


Next day it was Hariharan’s Concert . Hmmm he sung all melodious songs and girls were really enjoying it . Pasanga kadanukku ukkandhuttu irunthom . He was trying a fashion parade with dress changes for every 20 mins and all . Useless . The whole show wasn’t that much fun except for Riya , the hostess of the show . Hmmm thanks for the eye candy Riya . 

Variety Show and Light Music:

Variety Shows are always fun . With Mimicries and Kalachifying Girls and all . This year it was as usual good . One of the teams mercilessly copied the Super Mario Stage Show concept and the crowd was cheering them like hell . Was great having Sivakarthigeyan and Mirchi Siva on Stage . Siva’s ” Marathula Irukkuthu kaai ” kavithai is fun to hear anytime . 

As for light Music , i have to mention abt the Host Performance . Hans have seen better days . It wasn’t too impressive and the stunts at the end could have been avoided . If any Hans ian is seeing this i am just a member of the public . 😛 . No issues . 

Choreo Nite:

Puja and Shantanoo

Puja and Shantanoo


Choreo was top class . My favourite team on Stage was Loyola- Zero Gravity . The guests of honour were Shantanoo Bagyaraj and Puja from Manada Mayilada(Or Jodi No.1 maybe . Can’t keep track of copy cat shows) . But choreo was mostly all male . Not what we expected . No sights at all . Vettiya pochu . 

Quizzes, Burgerman and more:

Quizzes were good (surprisingly) in this Techofes . I managed to get on stage for all quizzes but won nothing 😦 . The official food of this year’s Techofes was Burger Man . Paadhi selavu burgerlaye thaan pochu .

We sat in the VIP section of the event for all 4 days 🙂 . Getting past that Student Security was Challenging and fun a the same time . We cooked up a new story everyday . They bought it . Noobs 😀 . 

Hmmm hanging out with friends-commenting on celebs- constant lookout for girls – friend thalaila molaga arachi oc food- ippadi ella techofes maari ithuvum pochu. Murrum.

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Vaazha veikkum CEG kku jay !!

July 27, 2008 25 comments

Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi … Time for a new Post. This time it is a small piece of information which my friend shared with me yesterday . Friend as in School Friend named Guru . We studied in the same old school of 13 years together . And we’re good friends . Anyways he is doing final year in a private college in chennai . He has a different philosophy towards girls and just now i found out that his college has a great influence on it . Hmmm ippo namma avan college la nadakkara comedy a pathi paakalaam .

Guru: “Ethukku da ponunga friendship llam . Thevaye illa da . Wastttu” .

Pradep : “Dei enda ponnunga pasangannu paakara . Friends can be anyone . Why this hatred ?”

Guru: “Pinna , ponnunga kuda pesi enna suspend aaga solriya ?

Pradep: “Suspend a??

Cut Cut Cut .. Ippo namma oru flash back paapom . Avan sonna katha thaan .

Guru’s College Part I .

Avanga college a porutha varaikkum payyan-ponnu pesarthu maha periya kutram. Ippadi thaan oru thadava oru payyanum ponnum corridorla ninnuttu pesitu irunthaangalam . Payyan kaimaatha etho kaasu vaangi iruppan pola , atha thiruppi kuduthirukkan . Antha ponnu avasarama vaangittu ponathunaala note light a kizhinjiduchaam . Ithellam oru FLOOR SUPERVISOR paathuttu irunthaaram . Avarukku porukkala .. “Enna oru desa drogam, oru payyanum ponnum pesitttanga . Nooooooo” nnu solli antha payyanoda veettukku letter anuppi avunga parents a vara solli irukkanga . Parents kitta sonna compliant “Sir, Unga payyan antha ponnu kitta irunthu kaasu vaangi atha kizhichi pottirukkan . evlo periya thappu .. SUSPEND” .

Guru: “Thevaya ithu ? ” “Intha maari aalunga irukkara edathula entha vidhamaana riskkum edukka koodathu da

Pradep : “Dei intha oru incident thaane da . Avan neram serilla athaan maatikittan

Guru: “Ivan neram seriyyala , appo intha payyana ennannu solluva ?

Part II:

College bus thaan oru alavukku jolly a irukkara edam polirukku . Oru naal busla kadaisi row la ukkanthiruntha pasangallam sernthu bet vechu oru ponnukku ‘hi’ sollanumnu plan pottirukkanga (Small Boys !!) . Athe maari solliyum irukkanga . Itha oru staff paathutaanga !!. “Oh, my Godddd . Atheppadi intha pasanga oru ponnukku HI sollalam . Discipline illa  ? Manners illa ? ” nnu solli poi princi kitta pottu kuduthuttanag polirukku . Udane Management antha staff kitta “Yaar antha pasanga ? Adayalam kaatunga ” nnu solla avanga sonna adayaalam enna theriyuma ? “Busla last rowla ukkarra pasanaga ” . “Very Good , avangala naanga paathukkarom” . Onne onnu kekkaren , dhinamum athe pasanga thaan athe edathula ukkaruvaangala ?? Enna achu na adutha naal oru appaavi paya kadaisi rowla ukkanthu irukkan . Ivanga SQUAD vanthu avanayum serthu ‘ARREST’ panni irukku . Payyan evlo solliyum kekkala . “Ellarayum 5 naal suspend panren” . Anthe .

Pradep: “Ha Ha . Dei ithu muttaal thanam da . Kevalama irukku

Guru:  “Ennatha panrathu

Pradep : “Ivlo thaan comedy a ? Illa vera ethaavathu irukka ?”

Guru : “Hmmm innonnu solren

Part III:

Avanga college la lunch break la llam yaarum veliya ninnu pesa koodaathaam . Vera dept la irukkara friend a paaka mudiyaatham . Vera class la oruthana pudichaanganna , “Ellaya meerina kutrathukkaga ” suspend panniduvaangalam !! . Kadavule . Oru naal Guruvum avan friend Ramachandranum ninnu pesittu irunthaangalaam . Guru college oda design epdi na , center la oru periya ground irukkum , suthi classrooms irukkum , 3 maadi nnu nenaikkaren . So ivanga first floor corridor la ninnuttu pesittu irunthirukkanga , athukkulla oru FLOOR SUPERVISOR vanthu , “Enpa , keezha potta pasangallam poittu varra eduthula ninnuttu  irukkeengale . Vekkama illa ?” . Enna da koduma ithu . Ithu Co ed college . Pombala pasanga vanthu pora edama ? Ada kadavule . Ithellam romba over …

Pradep : “Dei Jail da athu

Guru : “Hmmm . Ippo sollu , naan sonnathellam correct thane ?

Pradep : “Correct Correct. Hmmm oru doubt . Ivlo strict a irukkarthunaala unga college la kaadhal jodingellam kammiya irukkume ?

Guru: “Atha yen kekkara . Ithanaala thaan adhigama aaiduchi . Ketta ivlo restrictionlayum maatikkama love panrathula thaan kicke irukkun raanunga

Pradep : “Ivanungala thiruthave mudiyaathu da” (😛)

Ithellam vechu compare panni paatha namma college !!! . SORGA BOOMI . Sorgame enralum anthu CEG kku eedaguma ?

Note : Mer kooriya ella nigazhvugallayum ponnunga suthama affect aagave illa . Pasanga thaan suspend aagi saagaranunga . Enna Koduma sir ithu .

P.S : No offence was meant at the college 😛 . It is one of the best colleges in Chennai . Blog ezhutha oru parabarappana topic kedachuthu avlo thaan . So college officials yaaravathu itha paaka poi , naan kaalaila pal theikkum bothu oru thani padai anuppi enna thookidatheenga . (Aan seri Guru vayum thookidatheenga :-P) . Padichoma Sirichoma Comment adichomannu irukkanum . Okay ??

Ippo ellarum sernthu sollunga “Vaazha Veikkum CEG kku Jay”


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