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180 – What’s in a Name ?

June 26, 2011 2 comments

I was certainly looking forward to watch ‘180’ (also known by the Tamilnadu govt non-taxable name ‘Nootrenbathu’) after seeing the trailer (Yes the one which has Priya Anand in a blue dress). The movie did live up to its expectations.

180 turned out to be a treat for the eyes right from the beginning. There was a striking difference in the visuals. Be it the outdoor shots or the close ups, everything had a pleasant feel attached to it. Songs were pitched in the right situations and in well spaced intervals. Siddarth has done absolute justice to his role and i cannot think of an alternative who could have replaced him. Nithya Menon’s expressions were cute at times and her innocent acting skills are worth a mention. The first half of the movie was thoroughly enjoyable and moved jet fast. Its true that you’ll get the feeling that there cannot possibly be a guy who keeps helping others as a prime time job, who has a cute girl running after him whom he keeps ignoring, who is wealthy smart and down-to-earth. And that its all the same filmy fantasy crap; wait till you see the end of the movie.

Priya! Priya is a goddess and walks around wearing gorgeous outfits throughout the movie. Seriously, the costume department of the movie must have worked extra time to make them perfect. There was however a little bit of overacting at times, but it can be forgiven for her looks. Switching back and forth between between Chennai and San Francisco, between past and present was done smooth. Editing – 10 points. Sharreth has done a good job with the music and “Nee Korinaal” was the icing on the cake.  The song’s concept, music and visuals will definitely leave a trail in your mind.  All was well until that thing happened. Apparantly the movie has a big twist in the tale and thats the whole point of the story. It got a little bit sloggy towards the end of the movie. That 15-20 mins before the climax was a real pain to watch. Here’s a graph that explains the progress of the movie .

But the climax makes up for all of it. While you walk out of the theater you’ll definitely feel different. In a good way. The movie doesn’t look like the debut movie of the director. It shows class, shows experience and shows the faith that he had on the cast. 180 has the potential to attract people of all age groups. But there were huge crowds of Teen Girls at the theater. Siddarth has his strongholds.  On a whole 180 is a great effort which should be applauded.

And ya before i forget, the name 180 is the ultimate essence of the movie. Remove your geek caps, its not just the area of triangle and so triangle love story thing. It has a deeper meaning which you’ll get to know when you see the movie. 🙂


Anatomy of Sun Music

October 19, 2010 9 comments

I remember the days when there were no full time on-demand channels which took user requests for Tamil Songs. Yes, there was SS Music which did a couple of shows back then but it wasn’t fully based on Tamil Songs. Even if Bakthavachalam from Bargur talks Butler English for 10 mins in ‘Reach Out’, he will still ask for ‘Show me the Meaning’ by ‘Backstreet Boys’ to be played. And finally a channel called SCV started to come into picture. ‘Sumangali Cable Vision’ if i am not wrong was the first channel to work full time on ‘Neyar Viruppams’. As SCV was a big hit with the public, it eventually paved way for the advent of Sun Music.

Sun Music came out of the Sun TV garage and promised to capture audience by playing user requested songs through VJs or Video Jockeys. It was already a hugely popular concept in the North. In the beginning there were only a handful of VJs. They looked good, spoke reasonable good and all (remember Sandhya?). But as the days went by the only qualification of a VJ apparently had become a tight tshirt and colored hair. Enough . We are done with the Introduction part now. Moving to the important points.

The main reason of this post is not to advertise about Sun Music or comment about VJs . It is about the small footer SMSes which people keep on sending to Sun Music for some reason which i haven’t figured out yet. Everytime i switch to Sun Music there will definitely be a cracker of an SMS in 2 -3 mins. These SMS cost 3 rupees out of which i am sure the Lion’s share goes to SUN music. I even think SM pays their VJs with this SMS Money. I can understand the occasional “X: I Love You Y” SMSes. It may strongly represent the fact that the guy is ready to waste 3 rupees to grab her attention,make her happy and announce their love to the world. But certain SMSes are disturbing. If you still didn’t get what i am talking about, check out the screenshots below.










Now Let us see a few of those aforementioned SMSes which frequent SUN Music. Note: All Names have been changed to protect the identity of the douche bags.

1.”Daisy: I Love Sun Music”
No, you are not going to get a job at SUN Music just by saying that. And i don’t think the VJ guy in Burma Bazaar Jeans wont be interested in you by seeing it either.

2.”Kumar: Hi Guys”
Seriously, are you that much bored child ? 3 Rupees may not be a big money in general. By it is huge as far as Talk Time is concerned! You must be either too popular or too rich. And just to clarify these guys are not mostly first timers. They are Regulars mostly. Wake Up -> Brush -> Send Random “Hi Guys” in Sun Music -> …. And it goes on.

3. “Ramesh: This song is dedicated to all Sun Music Fans”
Gee thanks a lot for the dedication Ramesh. We wont forget you till death !

4. “Naren: Hi Pondatti”
This in NOT a fake. Ive seen it quite a lot of times. Maybe this guy Naren had a fight with his wife in the morning over Rock Hard Idlis and Awful smelling Chutney. And what does he do ? He sits in Office and messages to SUN Music, then calls up his ‘Pondatti’ and goes ‘Hey Sun Music Paru. Odane Paru’.

5. “This song for all Thala Fans. By Mandhaveli Terror Boys”
Terror Boys, Lightning Boys, Tiger Boys; seriously we expect something better from you guys. Think hard harder . Coz “Mandhaveli Terror Boys” doesn’t sound that terrifying at all.

6. “Hai: Guys”
This is a typical example where the sender is not even ready to send his name along. I am sure Mr.Hai there is flooded with a lot of calls after this.

I might have missed a lot (including the one-of-a-kind marriage wish shown in the screenshot), but still these are the primary ones. Sun Music will continue this SMS service as long as there are great thinkers like these guys who use it. Vaazhga Sun Music, Valarga Nam Makkal.

P.S: I know that the Title has nothing to do with the Post. But i just love the Anatomy of a Murder Poster 😀

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This is Not a Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Review

March 8, 2010 13 comments

Because there are no recommendations for the movie or 5 star ratings in this post. Not even verdicts or good and bad aspects of the film. It is just my view and my rant of astonishment towards how close can a person bring a movie to the heart of the viewer.

Initially my expectations for the movie were pretty low. I thought i’ll go clap when A.R.Rahman’s name is being rolled in the credits, Drool at Trisha, comment of Simbhu’s overacting and overperforming dance steps and see a highly sophisticated english speaking love story. I was very wrong. I thought the movie was only for high heel wearing,  barista going, dog loving, peter-english speaking girls who say ‘Wow’ and ‘Cute’ more than 20 times a day and their i-drink-only-foreign-sarakku boyfriends. I was wrong again.

The movie is not about Trisha, Simbhu, the funny cameraman or even Gautham Menon for that matter. Its bigger than that. The depth of the movie as a whole overshadows every other aspect of it.  One thing evident from the movie is that no mortal can imagine such a script. He need to have been there done that.

I am not going to do the mistake of talking about the songs. It’s the most popular thing next to Nithyanandha at present. But the picturisation of the first three songs looked all the same to me. Same steps different locations. No blame to the director as doing anything other than that will spoil the theme of the movie.

Some dialogues in the movie makes you wonder about the romance level of the people who wrote them. Especially

Jesse: Naan unakku avlo azhaga therinjena?

Karthik: Adhellam ippo solla mudiyathu, modhal padam varum, adhula paathu therinjiko.


Jesse: Un kan vazhiya avunga yaarum enna paakala polirukku.

Some scenes like the one when Simbhu tells his love to Trisha in the road and the camera starts circling her were too good on screen. One thing which is evident from the movie is that Gautham has a clear cut idea about the choices every girl has in front of her and ultimately what most of them choose in the end. But if you make a movie about the mistake a girl made and show it to the world, it is like stabbing her a thousand times in the heart. I agree with Kalai now . Mechanical Engineers are high romance people !

Initially i was pissed off about the title of the being just another title suttufied from a song line. But thinking of it now, there can NOT be any other title which suits the movie well. Fuckin A.

Finally some of the things which my friends told after seeing the movie

Kanna: Cha. Intha padatha paakamaye irunthirukkalaam polirukku.

Kalai: Machi, friendunga kooda llam padathukku pogatha. Comment adichi uyira eduppanunga. Thaniya poi padatha paaru.

And one of my colleagues in office asked me “Padam, Love failure aanavungalukkum, Love panranavangalukkum thaan pudikkumaame ? Apdiya ?” . Well are there any other kind of people in this world ?

Poli – [Insert some highly clichéd line here as tagline]

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Disclaimer: The characters in this post are all brain childs of the author and they bearing any similarity to real life characters maybe a an intentional coincidence. The post in mostly in tamil, so konjam konjam tamil therinjavangelukkellam konjan kashtam.

Poli actually may mean either fake or the sweet which looks like adai and is sold in Venkateswara Poli stalls across chennai . Title of the blog post in itself is a sledai . Note this word , it comes in the post again .

The story revolves around three people in all. The Hero , The Director and The Producer . Some other characters may come and go in the middle . But , not important .

Scene 1 : Producer’s House . 6:15 pm . Date not revealed.

Producer: Empa hero unakkagave oru script ready panni , nee thaan nadikkanumnu naaya peya alanjikittu irukkan namma directoru.

Hero: Enna vechu padam edukkara alavukku nambikkaya?  yaar sir adhu ?

Producer: Athaan pa , avan modhal rendu padatha unnavechu thunichala eduthaane .

Hero: Ohhh . Sir a .

[Director entering hurriedly]

Producer: Vaayya , directoru. Unga hero vandhirukkan , un scripta konjam sollu .

Director: Hero Saarr . Kadhaya mattum kelunga . Ungalo oho nnu uyartha pora padam sir ithu .

[Director narrating script to hero]

Hero: Hmmm kadha nalla thaan irukku . Padhala costume department yaara poda poreenga ?

Director: Athellam ivlo seekaram epdi saar mudivu panrathu ?

Hero: Yaara pottalum seri . Intha costly cooling class oru 7-8 vaangi vekka sollunga . Pona padathula use panna meethiye irukkum. Athayum sethu use pannikkalaam .

Director: Okay saar.

Hero: Apparam coat suit ellam pottu kurukka murukka nadandhu vandhu maadila irunthu paakara maari oru 4-5 scene vechuppom . Enakkaga illa , audiencekku pudikkum ya athaan solren .

Producer: [Vaaikullaye] “ Yen da solla maatta , kaasu podrathu naanilaa ” . Okay Okay . Neenga sonna seriyaathan irukkum .

Hero: Apparam producer sir , neenga padathula nadikkalaya ? Naan unga kooda kadaisiya nadicha padathula ungalukku semma per vaangi kuduthenla ?

Producer : Aamam Aamam . Atha yaaruppa marukka mudiyum. Athaan youtube, facebook ellam en manatha vangitaye . Naanu , next padam nadikkaren pa unkooda . Ithu venaam .

Hero: Mmmm , Seri . Enakkenna . Mukkiyamaana Vishayam . Padathoda peru enna vekkarthu ?

Director: Sir , intha kadha 5 varushathukku munnadi naane sondhama ezhudhinathu . Original Script sir . So adhukke……

Hero: Stop Stop Stop . Enna sonnenga ? Original Script . Hmmm ‘Original Sin’ maari semmaya irukke peru , athaye vechiduvom .

Producer: Oh besha vekkalaame . Apparam Englishla per vechadhukku extra kaasu ungappana tharuvaan. Vattikellam Kadan vaangi edukkara padam da . Sothappidatheenga .

Hero : Vatti . Vari . Kishthi . Intha maari en vekkka koodathu .

[Director now says the magical film title]

Hero: Wow . Semma Title sir . ‘Original’ layum , Kadan Vaanginathayum sethu oru Sledai ya title vechirukkenga sir . Super .

Director: Directa title a vechida mudiyaathu . Enakku therinja ‘Vathikuchi Varadhachalam’ nnu oru Josiyar irukkaru . Avarkitta intha title okayvannu kekkanum.

Scene 2 : Vathikuchi Varadhachalam’s Ashram. 10: 25 am .

Match Stick: Ennayya pudhu padama ?

Director: Aamanga aiyya . Intha peru okayva paarunga .

Match Stick: Hmmm intha perla pizhay irukku . Sani Seventh Veetla Saplam kaal pottuttu Sitting . So title a konjam thookkala veinga.

Director : Thookalanna ?

Match Stick: Modhal Ezhuthu Nedillll . Azhuthaam .

Director : Yov . Tamizhla arthame maari poidumya . Oruthanukkum puriyave puriyaathu .

Match Stick : Arivilla unakku , Arivilla . Solratha muzhusa kelu . Englishla nedil aakidunga . Tamilla appadiye vechikkalam . Jenangalukkum conpessan varathu .

Director: Adadada. Dei hero , paathiya nammaala . Peru maathanadhunaala paaru . Mavane padam pichikittu oda poguthu .

Scene 3 : Hero’s house . Time not important .

[Apparently shooting and all is over . Some trouble with the release date]

Producer: Padam release aaguma aagatha . Ore kelvi .

Director : Saar , adha enna avlo easy a kettuteenga . Date mudivu panrathu evlo kashtam theriyumla .

Producer : Yov , paatellam release panniyachu ya , padatha seekaram vitta thaane .

Director: Aamam paatu periya paattu . Ooru kaari thuppudhu.

Hero: Neellam directora da . Neeye padatha pathi thappu thappa pesura.

Director: Varra vaaram panlaamnu paatha Rendu Periya Comedy padam release aaguthu , namma panna potta kaasa kooda edukka mudiyathu .

Producer: Ayyayyo venave venam .

Director: Seri rendu vaaram kazhichu panlaamna , saniyan ennoda periya director oruthan romance padamllam eduthu udraan .

Producer: Ayyayo ponnunga kootamellam anga thaan pogum . Patellam vera nalla irukku. Namma pada paatta kelu . Karumam. Yaarya andha music director a recommend pannathu . Cha . Seri Athuvum venaam .

Hero: Idea ! Naama yen renduthukku naduvula release panna koodathu . Oru vaaramavathu light a vasool varumla .

Director: Apparam namma pambi pambi release panromnu intha oor nammala kaari thuppadhu ?

Hero : Athuva mukkiyam . Release panrom . Panniye aagarom.

And thus the trio decided a date and had big plans of box office opening and all. Lesser they know what was going to happen to the movie after release . Well see that part of the conversation later .

Dubbing Sema ‘Dub’bing

December 15, 2009 13 comments

Before i start the post, i would like the make the title clear as it may look stupid to most. Dub has multiple meanings . Two of them being

1.Dub – English for ‘the process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture’

2. Dabbu – Telugu i suppose – Money .

So by now we all have the basic idea that the post is about ‘dubbing’ minting money . Nice .

English movies dubbed in Tamil have entertained me ever since i saw one particular movie . Kung Fu Hustle (Mirattal Adi) . After that many many movies have came out dubbed in Tamil . Everyone has to thank Vijay TV too , for making Jackie Chan and Samo Hung speak Tamil .

The first and foremost component of a dubbed movie is the name . I really dunno who is the authority in naming these films . But whoever be it , they do a pretty ‘good’ job . The first thing i wait for when a big English movie releases is to see how it is christened in Tamil . Over the years i have noticed many such funny names . To name a few…

1. 2012 – Rudhram . Actually who would translate a movie which is named 2012 . It’s a number for God’s sake.

2. Twilight Saga: The New Moon – Thigilan : Edharkum Thunindhavan . As i had already tweeted i expected the name of this movie to be Onaimanithanum Rathakaateriyum . But looking at the new name , WOW . Aegan , Ayan nra varisaila oru nalla peru miss aiduche .

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Paayum Puli Padhungum Naagam . No blaming here . Dragons aren’t Tamil Animals . Do we have a tamil name for Oranges or Apples ?

4. D Wars – Rudranaagam

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Harry Potterum Maaya Thee Koppayum

6. Order of the Phoenix – Phoenixin Kattalai . Remember ‘Order’ literally translates to Kattalai in Tamil.

7. Kung Fu Hustle – Mirattal Adi . Its such a huge hit here that many of them know the Tamil name only .

8. 300 – Munnooru Paruthi Veerargal . No comments.

9. I am Legend – Naran . Name most probably chosen as ‘ Naan oru Kaaviyam‘ sounds lame and a lot like ‘ Naan oru Muttalunga’ .

10. Shoot ’em Up – American Pokkiri . Endha alavukku Pokkiri hit aairuntha intha pera choose panni iruppanga . Yosinga Ajith anbargale , Yosinga .

11. Ukkiran – Fast and the Furious . Tamil titlekkum English title kkum edhaavathu oru sambantham irukka ? I think this was also influenced a lot by the ilayathalapathy guest starrer Sukkiran . 😀

12. Aandhai Manidhan – Chronicles of Riddick

Marma Manidhan – V for Vendetta

Kallarai Manidhan – Van Helsing

Pachai Manidhan – The Incredible Hulk

I strongly believe that all these names were kept by 5th  Std studying sons of the People in the Translation Committee as no one would have had a clue about the Literal Translation of the Names 😀

13. Sooravali – Tomb Rider .

(if !( (Literal_Translation) || (Derived_Translations))

then (Keep a Fierce name which indicates the prowess of the hero/heroine)

English movies dubbed in Tamil are always fun . Not only fun , but they fetch big bucks too . ‘The Hindu’ once had an article stating Van Helsing was flop but not Kallarai Manithan ! . Hell , Van Helsing’s IMDB page has the tamil name along .

Here’s one of the top takkar tamil dubbings of all time

What about Tamil movies in English ? We’ll i am not gonna say about it . Watch and Learn .

Kandasamy – My Review

August 22, 2009 23 comments

Saw Kandasamy Yest Evening show at Albert Theatre . The show started only at 7.30 . I liked the movie overall, but none of my friends liked it . Vikram’s officer-look in the movie is definitely a great plus for the movie . Susi Ganesan has tried a ‘Shankar’ though i should say . Camera Work in the Movie is Extraordinary . Better than most Hollywood movies i’ve seen recently . I’ve always thought that the only thing which differentiates Tamil Movies from Hollywood is that our  directors are bound to take films with a standard template format .  Love Sequences , Songs , Item numbers . If you cut off all unwanted songs and masala sequences from Kandasamy, i am sure it’ll be a top class movie .


Vikram . His mannerisms, walk, Voice  every thing is a plus. Shriya’s Skin Show, Suchi’s voice didn’t match well at all . She has modified her walk and look . But could have been better.
Camera . Some shots in the boat club were a real treat to eyes . Special Effects . They have worked too much on effects . Songs looked like Advertisements .
Art by Thottatharani . Sets were great . ‘Meow Meow’ song setup was fantastic . BGM was a bit off track . Devi Sri Prasad must have paid a little more attention to BGM .
Vadivelu’s Comedy was as usual historic . Laughed our ass out at the theatre . Prabhu must have been put to a better use.
Screen Play was very fast and energetic. Fight sequences even though good, were a bit lengthy .
Mexico part was very well filmed
Director had tried to tie every possible loose ends in the movie . Explain every single detail which most superhero movies won’t bother to explain

Everyone say it is a mixture of many movies . If you count Prabhu as Police and the hero running around in Expensive Armani Suits and wearing everybrand of Sunglasses present in the market and driving a dozen cars each of different ‘business-quizzer-know-how’ brand, it does look like Billa . If you see it as lots of people working together as a clandestine team for a cause it does look like Ramana . Else if you see it as Hero battling out black money , it maybe like Sivaji The Boss.  No , i didnt count ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ as Vikram comes out with a hammer and all . Don’t be ridiculous . Whatever it may, Kandasamy is a whole new movie with a class of its own . Worth seeing atleast once. I would give it 3 and half stars .


Vikram . His mannerisms, walk, Voice ; every thing is a plus.

Shriya’s Skin Show, Suchi’s voice didn’t match well at all . She has modified her walk and look . But could have been better.

Camera . Some shots in the boat club were a real treat to eyes .

Special Effects . They have worked too much on effects . Songs looked like Advertisements .

Art by Thottatharani . Sets were great . ‘Meow Meow’ song setup was fantastic .

BGM was a bit off track . Devi Sri Prasad must have paid a little more attention to BGM .

Vadivelu’s Comedy was as usual historic . Laughed our ass out at the theatre .

Prabhu must have been put to a better use.

Screen Play was very fast and energetic.

Fight sequences even though good, were a bit lengthy .

Mexico part was very well filmed

Director had tried to tie every possible loose ends

In the movie . Explain every single detail which most superhero movies won’t bother to explain

Top 10 Kollywood Technology Breakthroughs

August 9, 2009 28 comments

Everybody loves Technology . And with the invent of new technologies, life tends to become a bit more easier . But there’s always a strong between Kollywood and Tech Breakthroughs . I’ve seen many Technologies ‘unveiled’ in Tamil Movies . In these lines , well see the Top 10 Tech Breakthroughs of Kollywood .

10. The Point Blank Sniper-Modhi Vilayadu

Modhi Vilayadu is a Comedy Circus . So lets concentrate only on our part . A trained Assassin from HongKong is hired to kill Vinay . And guess what , he rides along in a van adjacent to Vinay’s car in a attempt kill scene . He sports the usual full black dress with a gulla-face mask . The gun he uses is a high tech Sniper rifle which pans and zooms at the target automatically .  Eventhough the target is a punch away from the barrel , it focuses exactly and the assassin any how misses the shot . Point Blank Sniper is at Number 10.

9. Finger Pistol – Newtonin Moonram Vidhi

This is NOT a kollywood breakthrough actually , it was invented by the Director of the Mega Hit Holly movie ‘Shoot ’em Up’ . Ya , the one with Monica Bellucci 😛 . In NMV , S.J. Surya has a set of bullets but unfortunately couldn’t find a gun . So he keeps each bullet in the gap between his fingers and keeps his hand in fire . The bullets fire like party pops and kills the Villain . Seems Surya don’t need guns after all .

8. The Auto Corrupt Pen Drive – Billa 2007

Ajith gives a Pen Drive to Rahman at the Climax scene . At first he checks it and it ‘Works’ fine . ‘works’ here means there is a extremely complex User Interface design on the Pen Drive which on Plugging autoruns and shows the List of Names of All Felons associated with him . Such a thoughtful backup by ‘Jegadish’ . And the fun part is that after some time the PC screen starts shaking and a error message is shown saying ‘File Corrupted’ in Big Red Capital Letters . Apple, are you listening ?

7. Video Background Analyzer – Narasimha

The Terrorists send a video to the Police which is shot from a Desert Location . But it is actually not . The T forces shoot the video in a Snowy place and apply their CG expertise in it to change the BG . Vijaykanth on seeing the video , finds out that the BG has been tampered and hits ‘Enter’ on the Keyboard . Kaboom. The original snowy bg shows up and they zero in the Terrorists hiding place . Highly Advanced Material .

6. The Parachute Coat – Villu

Before going to the Parachute Coat, this whole sequence from Villu is Futuretastic. The Laser Room copied from Resident Evil, the biometric , voice and retina testing machine which projects the message ‘Voice code accepted’ in mid air and the Pocket Knife which cuts through Industry Grade Aluminum like Processed Cheese , the list goes on . Anyway, when Vijay jumps from the Plane , he doesn’t seem to wear a Parachute. But when he tears open his Coat, a fully functional Parachute kicks out and he flies and lands in Nayanthara’s lap . Ya , HE WAS WEARING THE CHUTE THE WHOLE TIME ! .

5.  Do-it-Yourself Phone Explosives – Madura

The Villain owns a Mobile Network . So what ? He plants explosives in SIM cards . Soon most of the phones in the city have this Remote Controllable Any Time Activation Explosive in them . When Villain threatens to detonate it by Calling A NUMBER , Vijay destroys a nearby telephone tower and thus saving millions of lives . The city is safe , Thanks to Powerpuff Vijay .

4. Bullet Proof Archana Plates – Sabari

This Video is probably the most watched Video in YouTube . Vijaykanth has a archana plate under his shirt. The Bad Guy takes out a .38 and takes a clean shot at Captain’s Chest area. The bullet cruises towards him , hits the plate takes an inverse swinging parabolic path and hits back the bad guy clean an square . NYPD R&D guys have watched the video zillion times , reports say .

3. Pyro Tactics – Sanda

Nadiya and her Daughter arrive in a car . Our hero Sundar C takes a Knife and throws it with deadly precision towards the Fuel tank of the car . The knife clean shaves the Tank cover along with the lid . Then he ignites his cigarette using his BARE HANDS , how cool is it . Then throws the Cig with the same accuracy , it gets into the tank and blows off the damn car . Sundar C scores a 3 pointer .

2. Powerpoint v.135.9 – Sivaji The Boss

Rajini somehow has a ppt which shows the list of bogus assets of people . And as the slideshow progresses , the ppt pulls info from complex servers across the country and finally shows what ? THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF BLACKMONEY IN INDIA . Tax Officials , don’t you worry . The file will be mailed to you soon .

1. Age Miracle – Singaravelan .

This is probably why i thought of writing this post itself.  In Singaravelan , Kamal has a photo of Khusboo shot at the Age of 5 . He wants to know how she looks like after 18 years . So they go to a place called ‘ Computer Point’. The gentle man there scans the photo and does some Coding which makes it possible to create a image of her as she grows year by year . Wait up , after reaching a ‘considerable’ age they decide to cloth her up . And we see the lovely Khusboo dancing around wearing a pink dress in AVM sets filled with dry ice smoke. This by far is the most advanced piece of engineering i’ve ever come across in Kollywood .

I may have left out certain other far more advanced feats . Just let me know . Hail Kollywood .