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Anatomy of Sun Music

October 19, 2010 9 comments

I remember the days when there were no full time on-demand channels which took user requests for Tamil Songs. Yes, there was SS Music which did a couple of shows back then but it wasn’t fully based on Tamil Songs. Even if Bakthavachalam from Bargur talks Butler English for 10 mins in ‘Reach Out’, he will still ask for ‘Show me the Meaning’ by ‘Backstreet Boys’ to be played. And finally a channel called SCV started to come into picture. ‘Sumangali Cable Vision’ if i am not wrong was the first channel to work full time on ‘Neyar Viruppams’. As SCV was a big hit with the public, it eventually paved way for the advent of Sun Music.

Sun Music came out of the Sun TV garage and promised to capture audience by playing user requested songs through VJs or Video Jockeys. It was already a hugely popular concept in the North. In the beginning there were only a handful of VJs. They looked good, spoke reasonable good and all (remember Sandhya?). But as the days went by the only qualification of a VJ apparently had become a tight tshirt and colored hair. Enough . We are done with the Introduction part now. Moving to the important points.

The main reason of this post is not to advertise about Sun Music or comment about VJs . It is about the small footer SMSes which people keep on sending to Sun Music for some reason which i haven’t figured out yet. Everytime i switch to Sun Music there will definitely be a cracker of an SMS in 2 -3 mins. These SMS cost 3 rupees out of which i am sure the Lion’s share goes to SUN music. I even think SM pays their VJs with this SMS Money. I can understand the occasional “X: I Love You Y” SMSes. It may strongly represent the fact that the guy is ready to waste 3 rupees to grab her attention,make her happy and announce their love to the world. But certain SMSes are disturbing. If you still didn’t get what i am talking about, check out the screenshots below.










Now Let us see a few of those aforementioned SMSes which frequent SUN Music. Note: All Names have been changed to protect the identity of the douche bags.

1.”Daisy: I Love Sun Music”
No, you are not going to get a job at SUN Music just by saying that. And i don’t think the VJ guy in Burma Bazaar Jeans wont be interested in you by seeing it either.

2.”Kumar: Hi Guys”
Seriously, are you that much bored child ? 3 Rupees may not be a big money in general. By it is huge as far as Talk Time is concerned! You must be either too popular or too rich. And just to clarify these guys are not mostly first timers. They are Regulars mostly. Wake Up -> Brush -> Send Random “Hi Guys” in Sun Music -> …. And it goes on.

3. “Ramesh: This song is dedicated to all Sun Music Fans”
Gee thanks a lot for the dedication Ramesh. We wont forget you till death !

4. “Naren: Hi Pondatti”
This in NOT a fake. Ive seen it quite a lot of times. Maybe this guy Naren had a fight with his wife in the morning over Rock Hard Idlis and Awful smelling Chutney. And what does he do ? He sits in Office and messages to SUN Music, then calls up his ‘Pondatti’ and goes ‘Hey Sun Music Paru. Odane Paru’.

5. “This song for all Thala Fans. By Mandhaveli Terror Boys”
Terror Boys, Lightning Boys, Tiger Boys; seriously we expect something better from you guys. Think hard harder . Coz “Mandhaveli Terror Boys” doesn’t sound that terrifying at all.

6. “Hai: Guys”
This is a typical example where the sender is not even ready to send his name along. I am sure Mr.Hai there is flooded with a lot of calls after this.

I might have missed a lot (including the one-of-a-kind marriage wish shown in the screenshot), but still these are the primary ones. Sun Music will continue this SMS service as long as there are great thinkers like these guys who use it. Vaazhga Sun Music, Valarga Nam Makkal.

P.S: I know that the Title has nothing to do with the Post. But i just love the Anatomy of a Murder Poster 😀

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