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Attention Graduation Day Absentees

March 28, 2010 32 comments

This post is for all the people who had missed the Anna University Graduation day held on 26th March 2010.  Most of them who missed citing overseas journey reasons and a few of them who could have made it but chose not to.  (So people who did attend , please dont close the window. Cross check if i left something). Here’s a list of things you have really missed out of the Graduation Day. All list items are in no particular order.

1. The Yellow Graduation Gown – You have missed a lifetime opportunity of taking pictures sporting a Briiiight Yellow Grad Gown. The adventure of wearing it and running around the campus is nothing when compared to the big fight which happened while getting and returning it. (Cost: INR 150 of which 100 is a Safety Deposit)

2. The Report of the Academic Year – The report was read by some unknown gentleman in the stage. Apparently nothing was told about the graduates or the no_of_graduates graduating this year. Was more like a Annual Budget of Unnecessary machinery bought, which is sure to get extinct in the next 5 years. The only figures on campus were the ones in this speech. Lakhs and Crores of them.

3. Love tips by Mr.A.Raja – The chief guest of the evening was Mr.A.Raja Hon. Cabinet Minister for Communications and IT. The speech given was filled with quotations and citations of great leaders. Annadurai, G.B.Shaw, Ambedkar, Tholkappian, Newton all under one roof. Also had some of his own compilation on figure-chasing and kavithai-writing. The most important part was his seamless translation between English and Tamil. Major Sundarajan would have been proud if he had heard him speak.

4.  VC’s English – ‘Aai rekquezzt all aap of you to stand ub faar inbokasion. ‘ said our VC when the program started. Throughout the program, there were many such astonishing sentences which he spoke to the gathering . He is indeed, fit for the job.

5. Oath of Supremacy – Before the program got over, we were asked to stand up and take a Oath . The oath mainly consisted of something that should be kadaipidichifyed in order to uphold the pride of the institution. About something to be done to the society. Blah Blah. To sum it all up it was an oath which meant ” I will not tell anything about CEG and the things which happen in the inside to a prospective student. I will say all nice and cool things about the college to the people at work and maintain the gethu of the institution”

But jokes apart you have really missed the sheer joy of being with friends together, of falling in love with the Campus the 1000th time over, of passing comments about the speaker when a speech is going on, of taking pictures at spots you wouldn’t have looked twice during your first three years, of sitting in places in the campus where you had sat a million times before,  of the fact that eventhough you had seen the big sign at the entrance saying “Graduation Day” for four full years you had never felt proud about it till you saw it on that day, of contempt seeing that there are no new figures for the juniors to sight on, of standing up when the name of the department topper’s name is read out on stage, of samalichifying by saying “Inga okkanthu koothadikkara sogam , stage poi vaangina varuma” , of the “Machaan” you hear from someone whom you last spoke to some 10 to 11 months before, of pissing in the red building toilet and finding out that NOTHING has changed in the last year and your olfactory system is as clean as a whistle and finally the joy of holding a laminated A4 sheet which is the result of the 18 year long (No, PRE KG isnt a struggle) educational battle which you had fought.

P.S. I had missed out a list of takeaways which were given in the venue.

  • Ribbon Murukku – 1 Packet. approx. 150 grams (Grand Sweets)
  • Milk Sweet which looked a lot like Laddu – 3 Nos (Grand Sweets)
  • Degree Certificate – 1 No. With your smart card photo on it which everyone WILL make fun of for sure.

Attention Span of an average Omegle User

March 12, 2010 14 comments

I’ve been hearing quite a lot about chatroulette now from my friends. I went to it’s wiki page to find out whether it was really developed by a 17 year old. And yes it was. But what interested me was a link in the Similar Pages in chatroulette wiki, called Omegle. It said it was just like chatroulette without the video and audio. Anyways i thought there is so much buzz about reviewing the kinds of people on CR, why don’t i check out Omegle. So i decided to spend half an hour to chat with strangers in Omegle and here’s what i got.

Nexted is a CR term lets call its Omegle counterpart as Deliberately Disconnected or DDed. Within half an hour ive been DDed by about 10 people. I DDed about 3. Two of them who told 35/male/horny and one other guy who typed f u for whatever i typed.  But i  actually spoke for more than 5 mins to two people. One Korean who thinks everyone in India are Rich and a Supposedly 16 year old Brazilian Girl who asks me every 30 seconds, whether i believe that she is a 16 yr old girl. Leaving all that aside lets come to the ppl who DDed me.

1. The ASL Case . Omegle predominantly consist of people who start with a/s/l and DD you right away.

ASL Case 1

2. So i thought not all them can be pervs and some actually will have the patience to talk to other people too. So i tried some a reverse psychology . Which apparently was a big fail.

Rev Psy 1Rev Psy 2

3. Initially i thought a/s/l was a single entity which decides your ‘seconds till DD’ . But i was wrong there too .

Indep 1Indep 2Indep 3

4. Finally there are some girls who want to talk only to pervs. Like this one.

Perv 1

People have been known to spend hours and hours of their time in Stranger chats like these. Stranger chats are so damn addictive . But people, think for a minute. It will strike you. You do have a life. So ending on Major Sundarrajan’s notes. This is the week’s advice; adhaavathu ithaan indha vaara thathuvam.

This is Not a Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Review

March 8, 2010 13 comments

Because there are no recommendations for the movie or 5 star ratings in this post. Not even verdicts or good and bad aspects of the film. It is just my view and my rant of astonishment towards how close can a person bring a movie to the heart of the viewer.

Initially my expectations for the movie were pretty low. I thought i’ll go clap when A.R.Rahman’s name is being rolled in the credits, Drool at Trisha, comment of Simbhu’s overacting and overperforming dance steps and see a highly sophisticated english speaking love story. I was very wrong. I thought the movie was only for high heel wearing,  barista going, dog loving, peter-english speaking girls who say ‘Wow’ and ‘Cute’ more than 20 times a day and their i-drink-only-foreign-sarakku boyfriends. I was wrong again.

The movie is not about Trisha, Simbhu, the funny cameraman or even Gautham Menon for that matter. Its bigger than that. The depth of the movie as a whole overshadows every other aspect of it.  One thing evident from the movie is that no mortal can imagine such a script. He need to have been there done that.

I am not going to do the mistake of talking about the songs. It’s the most popular thing next to Nithyanandha at present. But the picturisation of the first three songs looked all the same to me. Same steps different locations. No blame to the director as doing anything other than that will spoil the theme of the movie.

Some dialogues in the movie makes you wonder about the romance level of the people who wrote them. Especially

Jesse: Naan unakku avlo azhaga therinjena?

Karthik: Adhellam ippo solla mudiyathu, modhal padam varum, adhula paathu therinjiko.


Jesse: Un kan vazhiya avunga yaarum enna paakala polirukku.

Some scenes like the one when Simbhu tells his love to Trisha in the road and the camera starts circling her were too good on screen. One thing which is evident from the movie is that Gautham has a clear cut idea about the choices every girl has in front of her and ultimately what most of them choose in the end. But if you make a movie about the mistake a girl made and show it to the world, it is like stabbing her a thousand times in the heart. I agree with Kalai now . Mechanical Engineers are high romance people !

Initially i was pissed off about the title of the being just another title suttufied from a song line. But thinking of it now, there can NOT be any other title which suits the movie well. Fuckin A.

Finally some of the things which my friends told after seeing the movie

Kanna: Cha. Intha padatha paakamaye irunthirukkalaam polirukku.

Kalai: Machi, friendunga kooda llam padathukku pogatha. Comment adichi uyira eduppanunga. Thaniya poi padatha paaru.

And one of my colleagues in office asked me “Padam, Love failure aanavungalukkum, Love panranavangalukkum thaan pudikkumaame ? Apdiya ?” . Well are there any other kind of people in this world ?