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Dubbing Sema ‘Dub’bing

December 15, 2009 13 comments

Before i start the post, i would like the make the title clear as it may look stupid to most. Dub has multiple meanings . Two of them being

1.Dub – English for ‘the process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture’

2. Dabbu – Telugu i suppose – Money .

So by now we all have the basic idea that the post is about ‘dubbing’ minting money . Nice .

English movies dubbed in Tamil have entertained me ever since i saw one particular movie . Kung Fu Hustle (Mirattal Adi) . After that many many movies have came out dubbed in Tamil . Everyone has to thank Vijay TV too , for making Jackie Chan and Samo Hung speak Tamil .

The first and foremost component of a dubbed movie is the name . I really dunno who is the authority in naming these films . But whoever be it , they do a pretty ‘good’ job . The first thing i wait for when a big English movie releases is to see how it is christened in Tamil . Over the years i have noticed many such funny names . To name a few…

1. 2012 – Rudhram . Actually who would translate a movie which is named 2012 . It’s a number for God’s sake.

2. Twilight Saga: The New Moon – Thigilan : Edharkum Thunindhavan . As i had already tweeted i expected the name of this movie to be Onaimanithanum Rathakaateriyum . But looking at the new name , WOW . Aegan , Ayan nra varisaila oru nalla peru miss aiduche .

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Paayum Puli Padhungum Naagam . No blaming here . Dragons aren’t Tamil Animals . Do we have a tamil name for Oranges or Apples ?

4. D Wars – Rudranaagam

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Harry Potterum Maaya Thee Koppayum

6. Order of the Phoenix – Phoenixin Kattalai . Remember ‘Order’ literally translates to Kattalai in Tamil.

7. Kung Fu Hustle – Mirattal Adi . Its such a huge hit here that many of them know the Tamil name only .

8. 300 – Munnooru Paruthi Veerargal . No comments.

9. I am Legend – Naran . Name most probably chosen as ‘ Naan oru Kaaviyam‘ sounds lame and a lot like ‘ Naan oru Muttalunga’ .

10. Shoot ’em Up – American Pokkiri . Endha alavukku Pokkiri hit aairuntha intha pera choose panni iruppanga . Yosinga Ajith anbargale , Yosinga .

11. Ukkiran – Fast and the Furious . Tamil titlekkum English title kkum edhaavathu oru sambantham irukka ? I think this was also influenced a lot by the ilayathalapathy guest starrer Sukkiran . 😀

12. Aandhai Manidhan – Chronicles of Riddick

Marma Manidhan – V for Vendetta

Kallarai Manidhan – Van Helsing

Pachai Manidhan – The Incredible Hulk

I strongly believe that all these names were kept by 5th  Std studying sons of the People in the Translation Committee as no one would have had a clue about the Literal Translation of the Names 😀

13. Sooravali – Tomb Rider .

(if !( (Literal_Translation) || (Derived_Translations))

then (Keep a Fierce name which indicates the prowess of the hero/heroine)

English movies dubbed in Tamil are always fun . Not only fun , but they fetch big bucks too . ‘The Hindu’ once had an article stating Van Helsing was flop but not Kallarai Manithan ! . Hell , Van Helsing’s IMDB page has the tamil name along .

Here’s one of the top takkar tamil dubbings of all time

What about Tamil movies in English ? We’ll i am not gonna say about it . Watch and Learn .