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[~Sad BGM playing~] My last Techofes

March 3, 2009 21 comments


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I know it is late . But just now got the time to post about Techofes 2009 . Techofes is the annual intercollege culturals of CEG, Anna University . As a final year Grad of Anna Univ , this is my last Techofes . I always thought it would be more fun seeing Techofes as a final year guy . I was wrong . Sema Mokka . I was there for all four day night events . Hmmm not upto the mark this time . Personally feel so . Well most important reason i am bringing out this post is that i took some 493 photos with my new camera at techofes and i wanna put some of those to a better use . So now , presenting some of the techofes moments . 

Dr. Vijay Inauguration :

Ilayathalapathi Vijay

Ilayathalapathi Vijay


I am (was) a Vijay Fan as y’all can see from my previous posts . So was eagerly looking forward for this one . Everyone have to accept that the crowd was overwhelming and Vijay is definitely a Mass Entertainer . The event went on smooth till the part where he was requested to sing a song on stage . It was Oscar Night so his choice was “Ellapugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke” from ATM . Would have been nice if he sang it in normal pace . He sung in a …. 0.25x speed and was really annoying . Other than that Vijay was great . 

And this section won’t be complete unless i tell this . There was a Ajith Rasigar group sitting next to us giving imba comments . 

Vijay: Unga ellarayum paakarappo enakkum anga(pointing towards crowd) vandhu ukkaranum pola irukku . 

Group: Adhukkelllam Naalu Ezhuttu Padichirukkkanumpa. 

Audience: We want Dance! We want Dance !

Group: Tamizh la sollungappa . Namma aalukku purila paarunga . 

Hariharan Concert:

Hariharan and Riya

Hariharan and Riya


Next day it was Hariharan’s Concert . Hmmm he sung all melodious songs and girls were really enjoying it . Pasanga kadanukku ukkandhuttu irunthom . He was trying a fashion parade with dress changes for every 20 mins and all . Useless . The whole show wasn’t that much fun except for Riya , the hostess of the show . Hmmm thanks for the eye candy Riya . 

Variety Show and Light Music:

Variety Shows are always fun . With Mimicries and Kalachifying Girls and all . This year it was as usual good . One of the teams mercilessly copied the Super Mario Stage Show concept and the crowd was cheering them like hell . Was great having Sivakarthigeyan and Mirchi Siva on Stage . Siva’s ” Marathula Irukkuthu kaai ” kavithai is fun to hear anytime . 

As for light Music , i have to mention abt the Host Performance . Hans have seen better days . It wasn’t too impressive and the stunts at the end could have been avoided . If any Hans ian is seeing this i am just a member of the public . 😛 . No issues . 

Choreo Nite:

Puja and Shantanoo

Puja and Shantanoo


Choreo was top class . My favourite team on Stage was Loyola- Zero Gravity . The guests of honour were Shantanoo Bagyaraj and Puja from Manada Mayilada(Or Jodi No.1 maybe . Can’t keep track of copy cat shows) . But choreo was mostly all male . Not what we expected . No sights at all . Vettiya pochu . 

Quizzes, Burgerman and more:

Quizzes were good (surprisingly) in this Techofes . I managed to get on stage for all quizzes but won nothing 😦 . The official food of this year’s Techofes was Burger Man . Paadhi selavu burgerlaye thaan pochu .

We sat in the VIP section of the event for all 4 days 🙂 . Getting past that Student Security was Challenging and fun a the same time . We cooked up a new story everyday . They bought it . Noobs 😀 . 

Hmmm hanging out with friends-commenting on celebs- constant lookout for girls – friend thalaila molaga arachi oc food- ippadi ella techofes maari ithuvum pochu. Murrum.

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