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Valentine’s Day of a ‘Single’ Chennai Male

February 15, 2009 28 comments

Huh . February 14th . The Big day for lovers . Valentine’s day . There is too much hype about V.Day from the media . ‘Love is in the air’ , ‘Get ready to surprise your loved one’ ippadi paperla endha pakkam thiruppinaalum ore alumbal . Enga veetla vara airla llam Love irukkara maariye theriliye . Anyhoo , valentine’s day lovers kku epdi pocho ennavo, enakku saathaarana saturday va thaan pochu . So oru sarasari chennai payyanukku (aal illatha thangamaana payyanukku) eppadi Valentine’s Day oduthunu oru chinna karuthu .

Naan Enga FYP (Final Year Project) vishayama enga Project Mentor a paakanum . Siva is my team mate for FYP. We are supposed to meet sir on Friday . I smsed him Thursday asking whether he can make it .

Me : Dei tomo we have to meet sir , u coming la ?

Siva: I have some work tomo da . Cant make it .

Me : Atleast Saturday ?

Siva : Dei . Saturday Valentine’s Day da . Vilayaadraya ?

Athoda naan avanukku edhuvum anuppala . Yes , he is committed . Yes , avan kitta ketathu thapputhan . Aana antha thursday evening thaan enakku saturday V. Day nne theriyum . Seri appo rendu naalu endha planum illaye engayavathu freindsoda suthalaamnu nenachu en school friend Balajee kku phone a potten .

Me: Dei , rendu naal vetti da engayavathu suthalaam .

Bala: Enga polam sollu .

Me : Sathyam ? Naan Kadavul ?

Bala: Dei Saturday na Jodi Jodiya vanthu gaanda ethuvaanungada . Avasiyam ponuma ?

Avan sonnathu oru validana point . Ennathan ‘Single, ready to mingle’ , ‘Bachelor and I am proud of it’ ippadillam solli poosi mazhuppinaalum ullukkulla oru vayitherichal irukkathaane seyyum . Ithellam T Shirtla ezhutha thaan laaikku. Yaaralayum atha maatha mudiyathu .

Balajee sonnathu oru nalla pointa irunthaalum mukiyama en bayame , veliya engayavathu poi ethaavathu news channel kaaranunga kitta maatnomna . ‘ Valentines day a pathi neenga enna nenaikkareenga’ nnu ethaavathu kettanna avlo thaan . Bae Bae Bae . Ithu konjam too much a irunthaalum , oru nyayamaana phobia thaane .

Seri meedhi kadhaya kelunga . V.Day message llam anupparthukku aal illa . Nai Nai nnu pesara evanum annikkunnu pathu phone pannala . Ore ore call vandhuthu. Puthu number . Alpa aasaila ethayo edhirpaathu eduthaa. ” Ithu Airtelllirunthu varum thaaaniya..” Appadiye cut panniteen . Namakku pesara ore figure airtel automated voice thaan 😛 . Apparama oru sms vandhuthu . Balajee .

Machaan, my friend is in Bangalore . He said the roads are all empty there . Jai Raam Sena Pramod Muthalik. 😀

Eno therila , atha paatha odane alaadhi magizhchi  . Inikku paperla paatha Hanuman Sena nnu innonnu irukkam .  Hmmm nammala maari engg. college padichittu yaarum kedaikkama aarambichirupppanunga nnu nenaikkaren . Ippadiye yaaru illlama oru 5 V.Day pochunnu vechikonga , magane aaravathu varsham kandippa Beem Sena , Laxman Sena,  Karna Sena nnu aarambikka vendiyathu thaan . Bestu Vasantha Sena nnu onnu aarambikkalaam , title song already ready 😛 .

Pona varsham valentines day, week day la vanthathu naala neraya messagellam vandhuthu , inthavaati kaanum . Google searchla kedachithu .

Blue- I’m free
Green- I’m waiting
Orange- going to propose
Pink- accepted just now!!!
Black- proposal rejected
White- already booked
Yellow- broke up!!!
Gray- not interested…
Red- leave me

Funny guys . Ippadi color colora joker maari dress potta mattum ponnunga vandhu vizhunthuda poraangala ?

Blue- I’m free . En ithana naala nee free a irunthapothu unna evalum madhikkala innikku blue dress potta  . ‘ Hey u free ? Naanum thaan . See match match , blue dress ‘ nnu vandhu ethaavathu ponnu kekka pogutha ? Apdi ketta athu vera maari ponnnu da . Ushaar .

Green – Waiting . Waiting for wht ? An answer ? or waiting for a girl to come into ur life ? or waiting for ur girlfriend . Enna ezhavukku da wait panra ?

Orange – Going to propose . Oh Great . So if someone sees you wearing orange on Feb 14 , you expect them to come and say ‘ Machi nee onnum feel aavatha , anni kandippa okay solliduvaanga’ ? Get a life dude .

Pink – accepted just now . So you have a spare set of ‘pink’ dress in your bag so that the moment she accepts you, you swap it ? That is soo pinky . Please refer what pink means okay ?

Black – Proposal rejected . Wow great . Cry out a lake . Ennada edirpaakareenga ? Unga kitta vandhu ‘ Vidunga Boss , intha ponnungale ippadithaan’ nnu sollanuma ?

White – Already booked . Ivaru manmatha kun venaam . appadiye ponnunga vanthu ‘ Cha , nee already booked a . Illenna unna naan thallittu poiruppennu ‘ solluvaangala ?

Yellow – Broke Up . Vetti bandha . Enakku oru kaalathula aal iruntha aal iruntha nnu thandora podranunga .

Gray and Red – Desperate Guys . Kuppura Vizhundhaalum Meesaila Mannu ottalanra kadhaya , venaam venaam enna vittudungannu odraangalaam . Paavam . Kaadhal Mannan Ajith maari ella ponnungalum vandhu moicha enna pannuvaanga sollunga .

Hmmm . Ippadiellam ellarayum kalaaichu namma Valentine’s Day a ottuvom . Kadaisiya enakku nethu vandha oru messageoda mudichikkalaam .

For commited guys , Happy Valentine’s Day .

For Single guys , Happy Independence Day .

Jai Hind .


10 Characteristics of Rasigar Manra Season’s Greetings

February 10, 2009 8 comments

I dunno if many of you have come across rasigar manra season’s greetings and all .Yes i am referring to the A4 sheets with black and white content stuck on walls and water tanks whenever a movie realeases on a festival day . In our area it is a usual sight . Ajith and Vijay fans are constanly battling it out for power or supremacy over the area . Their only weapons are these handouts which they print for each movie . Okay lets get into the details .

Please Click For a Full View

Please Click For a Closer Look

I found this pasted on my house compound wall . I was just about to tear it off . But looking at it i realized that every handout is made in the same way, every year for every movie . So i unstuck it carefully and scanned it . Hope you guys don’t mind about the condition of the paper . 😛 . I have numbered the characteristics in the image so read it along with the image.

Top 10 Characteristics:

1.  Always A4 paper . Why ? Coz that is only cheap and available . No colours , only black and white as it will be easy to take xeroxes or who knows maybe one of the manra uruppinars has a xerox shop .

2. The whole poster wil be written in THE Movie Font . In this case they have tried a lot to write in Villu style font . I have a question here . I have known abt Vijay Rasigar Manrams and Ajith Rasigar Manrams . What the hell is Villu Narpani Manram ? And what Narpani they do ? Shew ..

3. A Noob diagramatic representation of the festival they are supposedly wishing . Here we can see a sugarcane that looks like a coconut tree which is the height of the pongal paanai .

4. Whats a manram without the posts ? So the whole area pasanga names will be printed in the order of ‘who-has-bought-beedi-for-the-group-most-number-of-days’ . The top guy being Thalaivar . Usually the other posts are decided the day the poster is written. And what exactly is the work of Manra-Kaapalar ? To safe guard the manram from dispersing till the next movie comes ? And i think uruppinar will be a list of school boys from 5th to 10th in the area (Top prority to Younger Brothers of Office Bearers)

5. Remodified Punch Line from the trailer of the movie . Modified to meet the manram needs . “Villu , engal kuzhu powerfullu” .

6. Self made punch line or something lifted from magazines like Aanantha Vikadan. “Villu , edhira nillu , unga kooda irukkuthu dhillu” ( I have no idea what it means or how to punctuate it ) .

7. This is a sure shot in any poster . Atleast one of the names will be a character played by the hero or the name of some movie by the hero . In this case Pokkiri Karthik ( I have no idea why kokki kumar came here ). In Rajini rasigar manra posters there’ll surely be some 10 names like rajini karthik, rajini mohan, baasha bai , arunachalam venkatesh etc..

8. Group Name . Dont they have to name themselves ? Its never a new innovative name . Atleast b4 they used to have area names like Adam Boys (for Adambakkam) or Royapuram Rockers ( from the cult classic Chennai 600028) . Now look at the name of our group . Triplex Boys . Wow . Guys you are gay . Yuck . Terror Boys , XXX Boys  seriously forget these names .

9. Group Logo . Its good to see the movie Vin Diesel’s XXX logo has made quite an impact worldover . 100s of autos have it . 1000s of bikes . Now time to make an entry into rasigar manram posters .

10. Stills from the movie. Usually stills released in papers will be used . Now guys take it from internet i guess . Look at the center pic of vijay . His expression is like hes trying to rape the cheetah in the center . Manra Design Heads , ive got a message for you . Find Good Stills .

X. I have no idea what happened in the X marked place.  It says Mahendran to Mahadevan . The guy must have namelogically changed his name .

Thats it . I have enlightened you with valuable rasigar narpani manra gyan . 😛